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Modified MB @

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Maury shared this photo of an MB modified in ways to keep it looking relatively stock. There are pics and videos exploring southwest Utah in this story by Traci Clark.



7 Comments on “Modified MB @

  1. Brian Oldham

    There’s a great build thread on the cj2a page (jpet). He’s also has a YouTube channel (jpetrowich) if you want to see it in action. Awesome Willys and great guy.

  2. Doug in Ohio

    I have met Jeff and his jeep BAM,BAM.Iagree, great guy and awesome worksmanship building this jeep.

  3. Brandon McClintock

    I’ve been following his YouTube channel for a little while and it’s great to see all the places he’s taken Bam Bam.

  4. Scotty

    Jeff is also quite the upholstery guy too, he recently made a one-off pink surrey top from scratch

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