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1952 Article Introducing the M-38A1 in Popular Science

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This article appeared in the July 1952 issue of Popular Science (pgs 79-82). This is article is interesting in that is covers some of the complaints GIs had about earlier jeeps and how the M-38A1 attempts to address those issues.

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4 Comments on “1952 Article Introducing the M-38A1 in Popular Science

  1. peter45cj

    It’s been a couple of decades since I sold my 53 M38A1 but it remains one of my favourites. It cost me very little at the time and in ten years cost very little to operate.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    I’ve owned several. Arguably the best Jeep contracted for the military. And price-wise and availability, a great jeep to enter the military vehicle hobby with. And hey…Elvis drove one!

  3. Maury

    The New York Museum of Modern Art’s opinion of the M38A1’s design (in the caption at the end of the article) has been overwhelmingly outweighed by the opinions of millions of Jeepers since then. That design, which was adapted a few years later into the CJ-5, became one of Jeep’s most iconic of all time.

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