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2016 Trip to-and-from the FC Roundup

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UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who offered to read the book! I’ve selected a couple readers. I will do my utmost to get the book finished so everyone can get a copy.

On Wednesday afternoon we begin our drive to the FC Roundup. We’ll be on the road just under three weeks. We’ve got several tours, a giant fork, a wild west town, an art museum, a ride in a GPW, dinner on a plane, a photo op with a (mostly) naked book seller, lunch at 13,000 feet, and much more planned. Of course, we’ll also have a busy couple days of FC fun at Jesse’s.


This is a rough map of our planned trip.

On another note, I’ve printed seven “proof” versions of my next book. I plan to do one more sweep through the book to refine it, build an index, and look for errors. The book is a non-fiction 450-page book that has nothing to do with jeeps. I hope to have the book finished by the Fall of 2016.

  1. Overview: 2016 Intermountain West / FC-Roundup Trip Summary
  2. Day 1 – Wednesday March 9th: Oh, the Inhumanity!
  3. Day 2 – Thursday March 10th: We Forgot to Pack Our Maps?
  4. Day 3 – Friday March 11th: Dining in an Ely Jail
  5. Day 4 – Saturday March 12th: The Aliens Almost Got Her!
  6. Day 5 – Sunday March 13th: Camels & Cones
  7. Day 6 – Monday March 14th: Train to Yuma Prison
  8. Day 7 – Tuesday March 15th: Rollin’ Like Bill Gates
  9. Day 8 – Wednesday March 16th: More Earth Sciences
  10. Day 9 – Thursday March 17th: Crowded Backroads & Exploding Beer Glasses
  11. Day 10 –  Friday March 18th: The Bullion Plaza Cultural Center & Museum
  12. Day 11 – Saturday March 2016 FC Roundup Report
  13. Day 12 – Sunday March 20th: High Plains Drifters
  14. Day 13 – Monday March 21st: Food Testers
  15. Day 14 – Tuesday March 22nd: Wind & Range
  16. Day 15 – Wednesday March 23rd: Blizzards & Balloons
  17. Day 16 & 17 – March 24-25th: Homeward Bound




<– See Overview of Trip Posts | Beginning | Day 1: Friday March 9: Oh, the Inhumanity! –>


8 Comments on “2016 Trip to-and-from the FC Roundup

  1. Jay Knight

    I have only been a daily visitor your site for about a year an a half….but love reading your trips/adventures.
    So far I really like what I read of your book. As with anything, if marketed right, to reach the people who would read it as it is “quintessential American story” rather then just a mining story. I think it will do well….good luck and safe travels on your newest adventure!

  2. Lynn Elrod

    Read your site daily. I enjoy American history and my favorite history professor in college was particularly interested in American business history. I am a retired pastor so narratives are a part of who I am and how I communicate. I would enjoy reading about mining and smelting because I know so little about it.
    My address is 9327 Highway F70 West, Monroe, Iowa 50170.
    Lynn Elrod

  3. Ted Jordan

    Hey Dave , good luck on the finish of your book . Also have a great and safe trip. Looking forward to seeing the posts and pics of your travels

  4. Gordon West

    Dave, I’d love to do an advance read of your book. I have had some dealings with ASARCO aftermath due to my landscape mitigation work and am very interested in the history.


  5. Benita

    Dave…I would LOVE to read a copy of your book…..reading the preface was very interesting and then when you said ASARCO I got really interested. Growing up part of my life in El Paso, thr ASARCO towers were just a part of the landscape.

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks everyone! I’ve selected a couple people to receive books. I wish I could have bought some more to distribute, but Createspace limits the amount of proofs I could purchase. While I will be self-publishing some copies of the book, which will include extra appendicies—kind of an extended version of the book—we are also working to get a real publisher to handle it. At least, that’s the goal.

    – Dave

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