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Wednesday March 9th: Oh, the Inhumanity!

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Zollie (a male) is a Shitzu Pomeranian. He’s more cat than dog, fearful of his own shadow. He’s most brave when camped under our bed. He tolerated the situation as best he could, even if his expression suggests he’s being tortured. Those are his Easter bunny ears.

Day 1 of our trip to the 2016 FC-Roundup started slowly (See our trip overview here). My wonderful, unpredictable wife decided that coloring Easter eggs and taking a photo of our dog Zollie was an important task to accomplish prior to our departure. While I was not amused, Zollie was even less enthused about the idea. I think his face said it all, “Oh, the inhumanity!” However, he’s a good sport and the photo session ended fairly quickly.


Today’s trip was a quick drive to Twin Falls.

Once we made it out the door, we drove for five hours until we reached Boise. There, we stopped at the new Boise Co-op in Meridian, which is a definite step up from the downtown location. It’s also much more convenient for us, because it is a short hop off of Interstate-84. We will be back!


Next we ate dinner at the Boise Fry Company. The burgers are good, but it is really the fries that bring you back. In the bowl is a large order of purple potato fries (they have 7 or 8 different kind of fries you can choose and something like 10 different dipping sauces as well). Next to the bowl of fries is a bowl of brussel sprouts that were very good. It was the first time we’d seen those on the menu and we’ll order those in the future as well. 2016-pasco-twinfalls-zollie

With full bellies, we waddled out the jeep and drove the rest of the way to Twin Falls.

Tomorrow, instead of taking I-84 (the fast route) to Salt Lake, we plan to drive south to Wells on 93, then cut east through Wendover, drive through the Salt flats, then on to Salt Lake City where we’ll dine with my two youngest kids. We’ll be spending the night in the Provo-Orem area. On Friday we’ll be heading back to Nevada and, after hitting the National Park & Ely (pronounced Eee Lee), will head south until we feel like stopping.

<– Beginning | Day 2 – Thursday March 10th: We Forgot to Pack Our Maps? –>


7 Comments on “Wednesday March 9th: Oh, the Inhumanity!

  1. David Eilers Post author

    They are designed to hold a burger, a bowl of fries, and three sauces. Of course, they are plastic. The best part about the burgers is that they offer a bison burger on a gluten free bun. My poor wife has become beef & gluten intolerant, so she can rarely have a burger out anymore.

  2. Idaho Todd

    If you get the chance Dave, take the family to Cubby’s Chicago Beef. It’s always been great food and clean. There are a few locations now but the Lehi one is right off the interstate. Drive safe!

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Someone else recommended that place as well. In the past it has been the wrong time of the day by the time we are there. And, most times were are waiting to eat with the kids in SLC. But, I still intend to get there as some point.

    – Dave

  4. Allen in Texas

    Love reading your travel-log! Looking forward to this vicarious ride with you and Ann.

    You are fortunate to live in the beautiful northwest with breathtaking scenery and waterfalls! However, this awesome country offers much to see and there are jeep-lovers scattered all about, watching and waiting for your comments.

    Travel safely!

  5. Mom

    I thought it was a real Easter bunny. On closer investigation bunnies have smaller noses otherwise how else could we tell the difference, oh and its pink. Zollie was probably glad to see you leave after that photo op.

    Love ya

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