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Tuesday March 22nd: Wind & Range

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Me, Benita, and Scott at the Range Cafe in Albuquerque. Benita has been test reading the book. She’s read about a 1/3 of it so far and is really enjoying it!

Today we drove from Tularosa to Albuquerque (See yesterday’s post here, or look below today’s post). Along the way we didn’t do much sight-seeing, but the winds had picked up … a LOT! I had Ann drive while I worked. Part of the time she was driving into the wind causing the jeep (and the laptop on my knees) to rock. However, she did well and we were soon at the University of New Mexico.

A month ago I discovered that only the U of NM and Yale University had a fourteen page report that I hadn’t known existed, an important one that will help shape the one of the final chapter in the book. The document was stored at the campus’ business library among the general books. If I had a little less character, I would have walked out with it, especially because I doubt no one else on the planet appreciates its significance. Damn you Conscience!! Alas, I settled for photos of it.


Elihu Root was the Guggenheim’s legal counsel, while simultaneously pretending to be an independent arbiter of the fight between the Guggenheims and the Eilers. I knew he’d been quoted in the newspapers, but there was never any mention there of a physical report.

The stop was a quick one, which worked well for us, because our next appointment was jeep-related 🙂  A half hour later, we were in downtown Albuquerque meeting with Benita. She and her partner Scott own multiple FCs and are regulars at the FC Roundup. First she showed us their unique camper FC, one that was used for years at a mine. It’s got horns, a bell, and a hoist on the front. The back of the FC had camper shell made by an unknown builder, but it appears to be professionally made. A hole in the rear of the FC’s cab allowed access to the camper. They’ve pull off the camper shell and are restoring it.

2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs1 2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs3

The next FC she showed us was a cow painted one. It was used as a search and rescue jeep. Unfortunately, the person who owned it had died, so no seems to know for sure why it was painted as a cow.


Here are a couple other FCs they own:


This was their first FC. It had a variety of customizations in the back.


The glass on the front of the FC has been shot, but the shooters managed to miss the body!


These photos show the camper that was on the back of the first FC. It is well made.

2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs8 2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs10

This FC is Benita’s. The utility bed isn’t a Stahl or any other make we can readily identify. We believe it is a custom bed. The thing is well designed and built. It runs and drives. Benita just needs to get some body work done on it, which she hopes to do herself. It’s a neat truck.

2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs-david 2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs13 2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs12 2016-03-22-benita-scott-fcs11

They have one more FC, an M-677, which isn’t stored with the others currently. They had it at the FC Roundup last year, so some of you might have seen it.

After the tour, we briefly parted from Benita so we could secure out motel room. When we arrived, it turned out the wind (which was still howling) had knocked out the power. However, they pulled out some paper and we got check in.

A little later, we drove to meet Benita and Scott for dinner. On the way we spotted this CJ-3B.

2016-03-22-cj3b3 2016-03-22-cj3b2 2016-03-22-cj3b1

We arrived at our destination, the Range Cafe, to find they’d already secured us a table. As we walked in we were surprised at how cool the interior of the restaurant was. It’s got some seriously funky stuff all over the place. Very cool!


Long and cool mural.


Mural had some 3D aspects.


Another cool 3D element.


Strange man at country of Cafe Range.

We spent the next three hours eating some delicious food (I had a burger topped with a chile relleno, yum) and talking. It was a fun evening. Thanks to Benita and Scott for our dinner and the company.


Me, Benita, and Scott.

Tomorrow we head for Colorado Springs.

<– Day 13 – Monday March 21st: Food Testers | Beginning | Day 15 – Wednesday March 23rd: Blizzards & Balloons –>


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  1. Lew

    This is fun to follow Dave. Hope you guys are having fun. Benita and Scott’s collection of FCs sure looks neat. How many is too many? Answer: The next one!

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