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“Of Metal and Earth”, A book by Jennifer M. Lane

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Jennifer recently finished a book about a CJ-5 called “Of Metal and Earth”. She wrote me a short note announcing her book. “I am the co-owner of a 1964 CJ-5 and author of a new book titled Of Metal and Earth. The story follows a 1964 Jeep CJ-5 as it passes through seven owners on their way to restoration and redemption.” I ordered, but have not read the book yet. Currently, the online book is free for Kindle readers.

 You can learn more about her book on Amazon.


She also include a pic of here CJ-5:



4 Comments on ““Of Metal and Earth”, A book by Jennifer M. Lane

  1. Bob in nc

    It would have been interesting to read a story from the Jeep’s perspective, having gone through and lived with the 7 different owners.

    Let’s us know how you like the book please Dave.

  2. Mike

    I remember my 1966 CJ5 when it was new from the dealer and all of it’s previous owners, although I don’t think it’s book worthy. Cute Idea, not a big seller. Back in the 1950’s, there was a saying; Who is your publisher, Vanity Press? No dis-respect intended, just a reality check.

  3. Blaine

    I think that would be called a”coffee table book”. But with smart phones is that term being forgotten or the books ignored?

  4. gmwillys

    True, most people read from their Kindle, but there are a few of us hard headed people left who keep a pile of books on our (not for )coffee tables. The top of the pile includes my autographed copy of Finding Virginia. Thank you again Dave! I will be looking to purchase Miss Lane’s book to add to the collection.

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