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1945 Photo of Toy Jeeps w/ Real Jeep

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This is all for today (well this and the two videos below). We are still out camping.

These toy jeeps were part of the Seventh War Loan drive. Given the date this was published (July 19, 1945), could these have been the early Al-Toy jeeps?



And, here’s a video highlighting the Seventh War Loan Drive (that includes the Iwo Jima sculpture unveiling).


3 Comments on “1945 Photo of Toy Jeeps w/ Real Jeep

  1. Matt

    Does anyone have more pictures of these toy Jeeps? Are any still around?? That’d be a great little piece of history.

  2. Glennstin

    Not much to go on. Number of slats in the grill is correct, white painted headlights is good, not sure when 2 seat mold was first used, but likely OK, windshields may or may not be present laying flat on hood. Scale size might be OK relating to real Jeep. Maybe another version of this pix will surface where we could study more.

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