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1947 CJ-2A Spirit Lake, ID $4900


Includes a DVD of this jeep going over the Rubicon. Needs master cylinder fixed.

1947-cj2a-spiritlake-id6 1947-cj2a-spiritlake-id7 1947-cj2a-spiritlake-id4

“1947 Willy’s Overland CJ-2a Jeep

Veteran of 5 trips over the Rubicon Trail, ‘the Hard Way’!

• 225 V-8 ‘Odd-Fire’ GM Engine, Rebuild has less than 2,000 miles on it!
• Engine had Complete Rebuild – Bore = 10% over – Tight!
• Weber Carburetor – Baffled for running on “extreme-tilt” terrain!
• Dana-40 Heavy-Duty Rear End!
• Posi-traction in Rear End = 110# torque to break loose = “Tight”
• 11” Brakes installed from ½ Ton! (9” is standard on the Willy’s)
• Warn Hubs on Front Wheels.
• Electronic Ignition installed = ‘no points to mess with’!
• Original 3 speed floor-shift with 1st being a ‘granny-gear’ for ‘walking’.
• And….has a Back Seat!
* Full Roll Bar with added Seat-Belts
• All ‘Steel’ original body!
• Have extra parts, i.e. Original ‘stick’ hubs, soft-top frame + doors, 15” wheels, extra drive-line shaft, extra rear-end pinion, etc.
• Comes with a “Clean” Title!

This vehicle “Runs-Like-A-Top”! – Looks like “hell-frozen-over”

Set-up for extremely hard off-road conditions.

Body has surface rust and looks like crap but if you want a vehicle that will take you most anywhere, this Jeep is the one to look at!

Needs: * Simple wiring redone to headlights and (has) new taillights.
* Master Cylinder leaks – easy to replace this ‘floor’ master-cyl.
* Paint and slight body-work to make it pretty (unless you want a
workhorse to do your bidding, and NOT ‘let-you-down’, in a pinch)!

Comes with DVD movie taken in 1985 going over the Rubicon Trail!

The Rubicon Trail is rated a #10, which is the rating for the hardest to do!

If you want a work-horse, this is it! If you want a “pretty” Jeep, this ain’t it!”



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