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Rear Ramsey PTO Winch Whidbey Island, WA $500

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Not clear if it includes the bracket or not, but I’d think that would be the case.

“Rear Ramsey Pto winch for sale. This is a rare winch, can be used as a jib crane also. You can google this winch and get information. Call if you have questions. Only trades interested in a early cj5 rear seat and mounting hardware in good shape.”

ramsey-rear-winch-whidbey-island1 ramsey-rear-winch-whidbey-island2


9 Comments on “Rear Ramsey PTO Winch Whidbey Island, WA $500

  1. anonymous

    that’s cool on top of — COOL !! — I don’t see any PTO hooked to it ? — will it work on my 48 truck with rear PTO ?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I too was wondering why there wasn’t a PTO hooked to it. I suppose it would depend how your 48 truck was set up?

  3. Ted Jordan

    I’ve seen em run two different ways. Either a solid shaft from a dual output pto right to the winch or the more common way which would work on your Willys truck if it’s got the gearbox mounted on back is a chain and sprockets. One on the output shaft of gearbox and second sprocket with a key way mounted to winches output shaft, and chain to connect the two

  4. Blaine

    There is a trailer hitch/ball mount under the winch. He hung the winch on there just to “let’s see what it looks like on the Jeep”.

  5. Ted Jordan

    I wished it wasn’t so far from me, I’ve got a nice early CJ5 seat I’d be happy to swap for it. For some reason I can’t seem to get the reply link to work on the Cl ad

  6. Jonathan May

    Im the seller. Only reason its not hooked up is i dont have a gear box and dual output pto. My jeep has a frt winch and id rather have a bed extender. My phone number is 3607207027


  7. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the updated info Jon! Not many of these in the PNW. Out of curiosity do you know Alan Wright?

    – Dave

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Jon .. I have a childhood friend (Alan) that has lived and worked in Oak Harbor for several decades who has a friend who owns a vintage jeep (or a couple?). That’s what I asked 🙂

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