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1957 FC-170 Skaneateles, NY $9950

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This appears very nice.

“226 cu. in., 6-cylinder, flat head; 12V system, 3-speed transmission. Many new parts. Invested $12,400. Asking $9950. Call Don at 315.663.4856.”


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1958 FC-150 Jeeptruck.com

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Mark published this FC ad today.

“I have a 1958 Jeep FC-150 for sale. It has the original motor, transmission, and transfer case in it. The motor is not locked up, but will not crank. Has most of the interior parts except the seats. I have two sets of doors for it. The front windshield is in good shape. That is the only glass I have for this truck. I have a Dana 30 and a Dana 44 that is currently being installed in the truck. When I purchased this truck it had a front axle from a Mail Jeep. So I was going to put it back to 4wd. There are two OEM wheels and 4 aftermarket wheels. The odometer says about 10,000 miles. There are a lot of original parts still on this truck. The lower cab corners are rusted. Some of the floor board joints and bends are rusted, but still very sturdy.

I have the title in hand. This truck comes with a lot of extra parts. Price: $2,000 or Best offer

Please contact Brad at:

email: c.u.n.d.mud at gmail.com


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Year FC-150 Mahnomen, Mn $1800

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UPDATE;  Price $1800.

(03/27/2012) I don’t see any obvious rust.

Flatnose willys fc150 pickup no rust 12669 miles and no rust. (701)-361-3315″


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Wanted: FCs and parts Rhode Island

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“I am looking for a Willys Jeep FC Model Forward Control, all conditions considered . Also looking for parts.  Cash Waiting 401-864-2155 call , text or e-mail”


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1957 FC-150 Concho, Az **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** … Was $1200.  Bill snagged this at a great price!

(04/20/2011) This needs some work.

“Up for sale I have a rare 1957 Forward Control Jeep. Model FC-150. Vehicle is complete. Even have a new replacement windshield. Passenger window is cracked. Has the origional 4 cylinder engine. Was running couple of years ago. Has a 3 speed manual transmission. Small amount of rust behind drivers door and drivers floor near gas pedal. Great vehicle for restoration. Only made about 65,000 of these from 1957 – 1965. Almost never see one at a car show..”

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1963 FC-170 Morristown, NJ eBay

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UPDATE:  Back on eBay

(05/18/2012) This does look nice.

“1963 WILLYS FC170 pickup. One registered owner. 29,000 original miles. Original paint and interior. Red and white with gold interior. Original 8′ Meyers snowplow. Rear of bed mounted Koenig winch. All original paperwork. 98% rust free. Pennsylvania originality. I have played with FC’s for 45 years and have owned over 100 of them. THIS IS THE BEST ORIGINAL I’VE EVER SEEN OR HEARD OF. PERIOD.You can buy less expensive and restore, but you can’t replace originality or integrity. This Jeep steers like it has power steering. I am a  FC150 guy and thats why this one is for sale. I wish I could find a 150 in this condition. Please ask any and all questions before bidding. 973-214-3407. Good Luck.”

View all the info on eBay

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1961 FC-150 at Sellajeep.com $11,500

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This looks nice.

“It is a 1961 FC150 Jeep pickup in very good condition. No rust. Has a new motor, new brakes, power steering, and overdrive. Runs good.

Price: $11,500

Please contact:

Phone: (928) 453-4799


email: caroly@citlink.net”


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1964 FC-170 Troutdale, Or **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  Was listed at $1000

It doesn’t have an engine.

“1964 jeep model fc170 complete except for engine. set up for smallblock chevy. save it from the scrapyard.”

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Stainless Steel Rear Fenders for FC $200

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These are unusual.

“These stainless steel fenders were custom made for use on an older Jeep pick-up, but could be used on other vehicles or a trailer. $200.00 cash O.B.O.”


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FC Seats Lyndhurst, NJ $80

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No pics provided.

“3 seats, need to be recovered, otherwise in good condition. ..other FC parts available to whoever purchases the seats. Price is firm. No shipping, scams. Call 201-741-1423″


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1960 FC-170 Kansas City, Mo $2500

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This doesn’t run.

“1960 Willy Jeep FC170

This is a 4 wheel drive jeep truck with standard transmission..I don’t believe there are any accessories.

If anyone has information on the Jeep please write as I’m in the dark about this truck.

Condition of truck is unknown. The truck drove before being put in storage. The truck was parked 10-15 (?) years ago in a dry building with a concrete floor. He had 2 willys Jeeps, He used the 1st. Jeep on the farm. Sold the 1st. Jeep that was listed on E-Bay. The remaing Jeep might had been the better of the two.


The husband has past away and I’m advertising the reming vehicle for the widow. SHE HAS A CLEAR MISSOURI TITLE

The truck will need to be carried away. All serious offers will be looked at and answered. The Jeep is South of Kansas City some 75 miles.Located on all weather county road.”

View all the pics on eBay

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1959 FC-170 Paradise, Ca $900

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There’s some value here.

“This has the original Hurricane 226 engine, manual transmission and transfer case. Last year I did a complete rebuild of the carb, replaced plugs, wires, cap and rotor. It fired right up. Bleed the brakes and it was driving. That was now over a year ago. I have been keeping this as a long term project but its time to go. No paper but has been unregistered for over a decade. Rust in the typical areas. Trade?? ”



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1961 FC-170 Phoenix, Az No Price

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There some value here.

“1961 4×4 Jeep FC-170 flatbed truck parts. it was last used in 1990.Original equipment, 226 six cylinder with 3 speed and Dana 18 transfer case, the cab is over 50 years old, it needs some body work, fortunately it is not rusted out beyond repair, because it was previously painted with house paint. It also needs some flat glass but the windshield is good. It has a rolling chassis.”


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1962 FC-170 Kingman, Az $500

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No pics provided.

“Call Harry (928) 279-6333

1962 C170 Cab-over Jeep
Frame ( chassie ) ,
6 cylinder flat head motor
Front and rear axles

Call Harry (928) 279-6333″


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1961 Dually FC-170 Chittenango, NY $5900

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UPDATE:  Still Available

(05/27/2011) “1961 JEEP FC170 Dually. Ex-fire pumper truck, converted to IHC V-8. Runs excellent, 4X4 works. All new brakes & mechanicals. Too many projects, this one must go. Your chance to own a cool rare truck! $5,900.00 Call Herb at 315-687-9805.”


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2012 FC Roundup Report

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I wanted to extend our thanks to everyone who made our visit at this year’s Roundup memorable and fun.  And a special thanks to Jesse for inviting me to attend, despite the lack of my own FC.  Also, I really appreciated everyone who told me how much they enjoyed reading this website.  Your feedback makes my efforts worthwhile!

On Saturday I was able to win a raffle price, 2 headlight gaskets (courtesy of Roy).  After winning them,  I announced my grand plan to build an FC around the gaskets.  Yes, we’ll build from the front of the FC (fc-150? fc-170? something else) to its rear.  I expect this is going to be a slooowwww project.

I even found the perfect FC project in Tucson as we drove out of town on Sunday morning; well, drove is a stretch.  More like, plodded along due to an overturned semi in Black Canyon whose delivery of vegetables will likely be delayed (though the local rabbits should have some good forage for a while).  Unfortunately, Tucson was in the opposite direction from where we were going and I suspect this incredible deal will be gone by the time I could ever make it back down there.

1961 FC-170 $450: (SOLD quickly after I posted it; it was in Tucson).  Check out the early hubs on this, too.

So, until our FC is complete, I will just have to enjoy looking at and riding in other people’s FCs. Here’s some random pictures from the event.  Thanks again to everyone and I look forward to the FC Get Together in Washington.  If you don’t have an FC, find one and join the fun next year!

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1964 M-677 Sun Valley, Ca

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UPDATE:  Currently not for sale.

Dan had this M-677 up for sale. A scammer attempted to use photos of the vehicle (though not the exact ones below) in a scam.

1964 Jeep M-677 Forward Control 4 door, M-677 Four door Military crew cab Forward Control. One of the rarest and most sought after Jeeps. This is one of around 30 known.

Original 3 cylinder Cerlist Diesel motor. This is a rare military version of the FC 170 but with extra doors.”

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The FCs Hit Interstate-17

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Just one update tonight as we are tired from a fun filled day at the FC Roundup.   As we were heading back to Jesse’s from dinner we took to the highway for a few miles.  Now, I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’d be heading down the Interstate in Phoenix at night in a FC Tour Jeep full of people, let alone traveling at over 60mph and passing other vehicles!  For Ann and I it was a perfect ending to a great weekend!  More pics and info tomorrow.

Here’s what it looks like at 56MPH in a Tour Jeep with Craig driving (we hit 63MPH at one point), his wife recording the speed and my better half taking a photo.  I don’t remember all those lights, but then I was looking out the side as we passed other vehicles.  Maybe we hit warp speed and I just wasn’t paying attention?  Jason reached 67MPH in his FC Tour Jeep, perhaps setting a new land speed record for Tour Jeeps!?!


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Friday at the 2012 FC Roundup

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Ann and I had a wonderful time at day 1 of the FC Roundup.  It was great to match faces with names of people I have corresponded with for years.   We spent the start of our visit with Glenn and Colin discussing some of the unusual history of Willys Overland they uncovered recently.

From Left to right is Colin, me and Glenn

As Glenn had to take off, we soon found ourselves on a quick tour of Phoenix in Jason’s FC Tour Jeep.  Our quick tour turned into a rollicking ride through Phoenix as its citizens tried to figure out what kind of vehicle was ferrying this crazy group of people.  Without hills or dales to wander, we stuck to city streets, waving at all the people who were waving back at us.   Canadian Dave was at the helm, navigating the roads of Phoenix like any true Canadian would do … very politely.  He didn’t cause a single person to flip us off.

Pretty soon we got thirsty, so we tried to hunt down a Sonic Burger.  Unsuccessful on our own, Jason had an opportunity to ask “Big Willy”, a guy next to us wearing a “Big Willy” shirt, if he knew where the closest Sonic Burger place was.  Big Willy responded with a point of his finger to our right.  Unsure if Big Willy was being accurate or just trying to get rid of us so he could continue driving in traffic, we followed his directions and found the cold drinks we sought.

After our cold drinks, instead of going back to Jesse’s house and the roundup, we soon found ourselves traveling to the airport to pick up Vance.  I jumped in to ride shotgun so I could provided directions to the airport; however, my phone’s GPS failed me in our hour of need.  Fortunately, Jason’s navigation came through and we found the airport.  Now, if you’ve never ridden an FC Tour Jeep through a set of airport terminals, I can highly suggest it.   People were smiling and waving … I’ve never seen so many happy people at the airport!!

Eventually, we made our way back to Jesse’s (after a bathroom stop at Valero).  After hanging out there for a little while, we all piled into FCs for a trip to dinner.  Ann and I jumped back into Jason’s FC.  This time, instead of Canadian Dave driving, Jason took the wheel and drove us over to a motel to pick up one more rider before heading to dinner.  As we innocently pulled up to the door of the motel, Jason honked the FC’s horn.  It just so happened at that moment a woman was walking forty feet or so in front of the FC.  The honk startled the woman.

Hearing that honk, the woman’s dog leapt forward, causing the woman to jerk forward too.  The woman thought the honk was for her, so she turned around and gave us the look of death.  Then, she gave us the one-fingered salute.  Yes, it took Jason only a few minutes of driving to have someone flip us off.  She might not have been very happy with us (she would flip us off a second time, too), but she made us laugh all the way to dinner.

More form the Round up tomorrow ….


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3 FCs East Bethel, Mn $4000

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The seller has one nice FC-170 and two parts FC-150s (no photos provided).

“3 Jeeps: 1960 Jeep FC-170 44k miles, flat head 6 cyl, 3 spd trans, dealer installed Jay-Hawk electric/hydraulic dump and Western plow, licensed, box is rough, cab corners are rusted through, drives nice. Comes with 2 parts FC-150’s: a narrow track and wide track. Lots of parts. 7six3-4three4-4589 Craig
$4000 for everything”


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1957 FC-150 Concord, NC $1500

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This looks rough.

“4 cyl motor doesn’t run but it does turn by hand freely, trans, transfer case and rear end are all original. Front axle has been changed to a 2wd straight axle. The motor, transmission, transfer case, and axles are all still bolted in. Glass is not intact, I have all of the glass except for the rear flat pieces. I do have the doors. Truck has been sandblasted, it does have rust. I currently do not have a title, but should have within the next week. I bought this with the intent of restoring it, but I have too many projects and not enough time.

These trucks were produced from 1956-64, only about 30k were made.

Asking $1500

Call, text, or email 704 467 5785″


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1964 FC-170 Henderson, Tn $1500

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This looks a bit rough, but has a modified dump bed.

“’64 snub nose Jeep pick up truck with modified dump bed. This truck is a classic work horse, 225 F-head original engine (it runs!) 4 wheel drive. Snowplow lift on the front end. All deals CASH only ! Any questions send me an e-mail or call 598-4861″


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Mighty FC Concept — A Better Picture

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UPDATE:  Here are a couple links to more pictures of all the concept vehicles —  Mark provides some additional pictures and analysis at jeeptruck.com.

Mitch mentioned that better pictures of the FC Concept Truck had been released.  I found the one below at yahoo.  That’s a rugged looking truck.

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FC Roundup March 30-31, April 1 2012 Phoenix, Az

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UPDATE:  We are all ready for tomorrow.  Can’t wait to meet everyone!

FC and FleetVan Owners,
Once again I am reminding everyone that this is your invitation, to an event dedicated to the rescue and recreation of Jeep Forward Control and FleetVan vehicles and their owners. Your attendance, as Owners, is the most important part of our event. We have added the invitation to FJ3 – FJ6, Jeep Fleet Vans, these are Forward driven as well. There is no charge to this event and we have a raffle of donated FC related parts and products. Please Donate what you can to the free raffle, if you have something that you think someone might want for there FC or FleetVan, then we need it here. All donated FC-Related items are appreciated for the Saturday raffle.
2012 event T-shirts, the embroidered logo, pocket shirts and hats are again coming back and are always available.
Hot dogs, chips, beans on Saturday and anytime refreshments will be free anytime. Also on display that are available will be some new FC products. Your FC-vehicles, in what ever stage of completion they are in: authentic show total restoration, original unrestored, farm, snow plow, tractor, dune buggy, street rod, restored daily driver, repowered, not running, chassis, rusted, wrecked, good, bad or ugly, all FCs, literature, photos, parts of FCs, will be welcome. This is a large gathering of only FC and FleetVan Jeeps, these vehicles are on display, but without judging or awards.

Nearby Hotels are filling fast see the websites



Here are a few last minute details:
We will be driving as a group in FCs to breakfast every morning and also to Dinner some of the nights.
Parking on my property is for FCs / FleetVans only, no exceptions.
Absolutely no smoking near the vehicles, the vehicles on display have vented gas caps.
A smoking area will be provided away from Vehicles.
I love all Children and Dogs, but this event is about FCs, at my house, I will (I have had to) ask people to leave, if you come here with any animal that is not on a leash at your side, Small Children must also be near there parents at all times.
All vehicles on display have owners, please have respect of other peoples property, do not open any doors or sit in anyone’s vehicle, without the owner being present.
It is unfortunate that the fuel prices continue to increase and causing some grief to all of us. I am very grateful to all of you, that are bringing vehicles from far away. I am also grateful to know about all the continued efforts, that some of you have done, that will be bringing new vehicles this year.

Thank You


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Abandoned FC in Rural New York

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From the blogspot of Mayamade comes this photograph of an abandoned FC in rural New York.  Cool picture!