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1958 FC-170 w/Utility Bed Burbank, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000. 

Dan’s got this FC for sale.

1958 Willys Jeep FC Forward Control 170 Hackney utility bed truck

Complete COE cab over engine 4×4 truck. I was told it ran but can not verify that. I’ve never tried to start it. It just one of those projects I’ll never get to so time to sell. I bought it mainly for the Utility bed. The bed is made by Hackney. The bed is not factory to this truck.

226 engine with T90 3 speed, lockouts on the front. Normal FC rust. Corners and under the windshield.

This truck does need everything and being sold in AS IS condition. Lots of good parts or restore. 
If this ad is up it’s still for sale. If you ask is it still for sale I will not respond. Too many scammers.”

1958-fc170-burbank-ca1 1958-fc170-burbank-ca2

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1957 FC-150 Gerber, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1800.

(04/29/2014) Needs some work.

“57 wills jeep needs starter distributor and alternator”


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1959 FC-150 Topeka, KS **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1650.

“This is a 1959 Jeep Cab over FC 150.
This is a neat old project.
It is all there except the engine.
It need a complete restoration but would be a great project.”


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1957 FC-150 Ovid, MI $2250

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

It runs. May be worth a look.

“I have a 1957 Jeep FC 150. Does run. Don’t have time to work on. Not all rusted out, does have rust, box is rough. Open to sale or trade. Does have a snow plow that goes with it. Looking for fire arms, loader tractor, something useful. Not really looking for cars or trucks. Thanks for looking.”


1957-fc150-ovid-mi1 1957-fc150-ovid-mi2

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1957 FC-170 Cedar Springs, MI **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **Status Unknown**. Was $3000.

Assembly required.

“I am selling a 1957 Willys Jeep FC 170. This jeep is ready to be restored or turned into a great trail rig. There was very few of these made so it isUP hard to find one, especially one that has a cab in this good of shape. This vehicle is complete including extras.

The cab is in great shape and would need minimal effort to be show quality.
The box is rough but could be restored. It would also be pretty easy to make one and they can be purchased reproduction.
The frame is in great shape. It is hard to find nice frames like this.
I have two engines for it, transmission, transfer case, and two sets of seats as well.

$3000 – Has clear title.”



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1959 FC-150 Great Falls, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

I was in grade school when this was parked!

“Parked when Jimmy Carter became president and gas cost too much. complete and stored on local farm”

1959-fc150-greatfalls-mt2 1959-fc150-greatfalls-mt3 1959-fc150-greatfalls-mt4

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1957 FC-150 Cumming, GA $14,500

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UPDATE: Still Available

(06/24/2013) This FC looks in good shape.

“1957 Willys FC150 1/2 ton pickup. The pictures speak for them selves, Cash sale only, person to person sale I do not ship, I do not need anyones help selling. All orginal no rust, kept indoors, stock 4 cyl motor.”


1957-fc150-cumming-ga1 1957-fc150-cumming-ga2 1957-fc150-cumming-ga3

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1958 FC-170 Lincoln, NE **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1800.

Not running. Check out that push bumper!

“Jeep FC 170 that has a push bumper on front and a wrecker sling. Wasused at a repair shop around Ashland. Has a wild lace paint job. 4wd and uses the same drive line as a flat fender Willys. Looks to be complete although the transmission and transfer case are partially disassembled. This truck has no title. Asking $1,800obo. Not too many around. Parts are easily found online.”

1958-FC170-WRECKER-lincoln-n1 1958-FC170-WRECKER-lincoln-ne2

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1960 FC-150 Albuquerque, NM **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $1500.

Looks like a good price to me. If it runs, even better.


1960-fc150-albuquerque-nm2 1960-fc150-albuquerque-nm3 1960-fc150-albuquerque-nm4

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Year? FC-170 Northern California $2500 or Trade

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

Needs work.

“Needs restored missing starter/distrubator/alternator call”


year-fc170-norcal2 year-fc170-norcal3

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FC-Camper Transformed by ROAM

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677, Features

UPDATE: Tom from ROAM reported (see comments) that this camper FC was a custom installation. He noted that the camper was unsalvageable, so they felt it was a good candidate for something unique.  Tom plans to do a post about the camper in the future.

Here’s what it looked like when they bought it:

Here’s the completed project:


Follow the whole build here: http://roamauto.com/1960-willys-jeep-forward-control-fc170-build/

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Year? FC-170 Pottstown, PA $1750

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

There appears to be value here.

“I just have too many projects right now and need to sell this FC-170. It is in rough, but salvageable condition to the right person. I purchased it to do as my next restore, but lots of other stuff got bumped up in front of it . . . Lots of good parts here . . . . original super hurricane 6 engine and running gear. I was told by the PO that is was a running and driving truck when parked 5 years ago. has a plow frame but the blade is gone. No cracks in the front windshield. Good PA title in my name . . . not interested in low ballers or scams. I would just assume part it out then take much less then I’m asking for it . . .”


year-fc170-pottstown-pa1 year-fc170-pottstown-pa2

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1960 FC-150 Rhode Island **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000

The roof has been removed from the cab.

“Willys Jeep FC 150. I have 2 complete frames with axles and steering boxes, 2 engines, 2 transfer cases, 1 transmission, 1 body as seen in pictures very rotten with misc. parts
Will part out or sell as package deal”


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1963 FC-150 w/ Dump Bed Long Island, NY **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $6300.

(03/24/2014) Looks in good shape and includes a dump bed.

“Forward drive,4×4 ,dump bed,plow,4-cylinder,new carb.”

1963-fc150-longisland1 1963-fc150-longisland2 1963-fc150-longisland3

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Year? FC-150 Colorado Springs, CO $1200

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Looks like a good price.

“It’s a 1954 jeep truck 1200 or best offer call brad”


year-fc150-coloradosprings-co1 year-fc150-coloradosprings-co2

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Year? FC-170 Northern California $2500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

It needs some work.

“Needs restored missing starter/distrubator/alternator”


year-fc170-northern-ca1 year-fc170-northern-ca2 year-fc170-northern-ca3

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1959 FC-170 Billings, MT **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $10,500 —  http://thefcconnection.com/eric’s_fc-170_stake.htm

“Purchased new in 1959, one owner, 60,000 original miles, Inline flathead six cylinder, one repaint, had very little rust repair at time of repaint. Good running and driving truck”

1959-fc170-billings-mt1 1959-fc170-billings-mt2 1959-fc170-billings-mt3 1959-fc170-billings-mt4

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1960 FC-170 Billings, MT **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900

There appears to be some parts value here.

“Very solid straight cab, doors have creases near hinges. Flathead six engine and drive train complete except Left rear axle is out of housing.”

1960-fc170-billings-mt1 1960-fc170-billings-mt2 1960-fc170-billings-mt3

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March 26: Darth Vader and Tractor Bob

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Gordon and Ellen stand in front of their CJ-3B Tractor Bob. A name thought up by their grandson, who is an avid reader of eWillys, Tractor Bob isn’t Mr. Reliable. Apparently on more than one occasion a jaunt about Silver City in Tractor Bob meant a relaxing hitchhike home. Therefore, Ann and I thank Gordon and Ellen for taking a chance and driving Bob to meet us for dinner and a narrated walk around the wonderful town of Silver City.

Before I share Wednesday’s fun, let me comment on the La Quinta Inn in Las Cruces . . . On Tuesday night when we arrived at the La Quinta Inn in Las Cruces (did I mention the La Quinta Inn??), we were surprised to discover that when we got to our hotel room, it hadn’t been cleaned (pizza boxes piled on a table and the beds remained unmade). Now, while I knew I’d gotten a great price on the room using Priceline, I did have an expectation the room would be clean. So, I went back to the desk and asked for a different room.

The mortified desk clerk apologized and quickly gave us a new room. Off to the second room we went (just a few doors down from the first one). We unpacked, then I went into the bathroom, only to discover there were no tissues in the dispenser (I really don’t give a rip, but in this case it wasn’t a good sign) and there was melted ice in the ice bucket container from the previous guests, meaning this room hadn’t been cleaned/restocked very carefully. While we were too tired to complain, I did check out the bed to make sure the sheets were clean.

Wednesday morning at checkout, I explained our poor experience to the morning clerk. Like the evening clerk, the morning clerk was mortified. She promised to address the situation and told me I’d receive a coupon in my email to make up for the poor experience we’d had. When I checked my email I discovered that the La Quinta Inn felt our poor experience warranted a whole $5 discount. It’s fair to say I remain unimpressed. Did I mention that was the La Quinta Inn in Las Cruces???

However, we didn’t let our La Quinta Inn experience dampen our mood. Our goal for the day was to get to the White Sands Missile Range Museum and then head over to Silver City.


The Museum was a pleasant surprise. Even the price was reasonable (free). The museum is divided into two interior sections and an exterior missile park. We started with the main interior portion. One of the first exhibits we encountered was an original Darth Vader mask. Apparently, the guy who won the Oscar for the Star Wars (for you young folks I am referring to Star Wars Episode IV) sound effects obtained a variety of sounds from the missile range, so he managed to get the Darth Vader mask donated to the museum. Nice bit of trivia!

2014-03-26-missile-museum7Ann was very excited about all the missile stuff. She was particularly interested in the specifics of the device in this case. She stayed hunched over this exhibit for several minutes, fascinated by it. She attempted to explain some part of it to me and did this with her hands.

2014-03-26-missile-museum6But, this wasn’t just missile history. There were other smaller exhibits. For example, there was a very small, but interesting exhibit on the Apache fight with the U.S. Soldiers during the 1880s. One of the soldiers involved in the fighting was very sympathetic about the Apache situation, noting the Apache had been lied to far too many times and had no choice but to fight, even likening them to the American Revolutionaries fighting for the right to their land. It was an interesting perspective from a small, but good exhibit.

Another small, but powerful exhibit was a series of paintings done by Benjamin Charles Steele, who survived the Bataan Death March and Japanese prison camp. He drew sketches while a POW, but they were destroyed. So, after the war, he got a degree in art and recreated the paintings. The paintings coupled with concise descriptions tell a powerful story of his (and many others) experience as a POW in the Pacific Theatre.


These paintings line the entire room.


It was hard to take a good photo of it due to the glass. This shows the burial detail to which Benjamin was assigned.

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1958 FC-170 Project Escondido, Ca $2500

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: Still Available

(02/24/2014) It’s definitely a project.

“Here is a unique project vehicle. 1958 3/4 ton Kaiser Jeep FC-170 Forward Control Pickup. I’ve had this since 2000 but several other projects have taken priority. I have several 4×4’s and was considering turning this into a slammed 2WD cruiser truck, but I now need to thin the herd. This is a pretty solid starting point. Set up for a small block Chevy/TH400. They have been pulled but are still available for additional cost. I traded original 9′ bed for a beat up one, intending to use the base to create a flat/stake bed. All 8 pieces of glass intact except for passenger door window, which is easy to have made. Comes with additional NOS windshield with rubber included ($500 10 years ago) Also comes with these add’l parts: front fiberglass fender flares, set of 5 stock wheels with zero miles roller tires, pair of stronger Chevy axles- corporate 10 front w/discs, 12 bolt rear, both 4.56 gears. (or upgrade to pair of 3/4 ton Dodge 44 HD front w/flat knuckles for xover steering/ Dana 60 full float rear, both 8 lug 4.10 gears), set of steel 8 lug wheels. 327 Chevy small block w/TH400 negotiable. Clear title, pink in hand. $2,500 w/o options.

I also have a ’65 Jeep Wagoneer in another ad.
Ed 7sixzero six8five 44onefive”


1958-fc170-project-escondido-ca1 1958-fc170-project-escondido-ca2 1958-fc170-project-escondido-ca3 1958-fc170-project-escondido-ca4

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1960 FC-150 San Dimas, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was on eBay (in 2016 listed in Colorado)

“1960 WILLYS/JEEP FC-150 Project for the 4×4 person looking for that special vehicle with a great look. Sits 9′ tall and has 44″ ground hog tires; 400 ford motor; automatic trans, power steering. tilt steering , steering has shimmy. 9″ ford rear end and chevy blazer front end, but missing front drive shaft , heavy duty front bumper with mounting area for winch, duel exhaust . Cab has some rust areas. Have new gas tank not installed and ram and pump to make bed a dump if wanted. Cab tilts with hydraulic hand pump but needs hold downs for cab.Tags are up to date and title is clear. Truck has been sitting for long time but ran back then ,will need fuel system and brakes gone thru”




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1959 & 1960 FC-150s Du Quoin, IL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** $1400.

It looks like there’s some parts value here.

“I have for sale OR POSSIBLE TRADE two (2) FC 150’s w/titles. Make offer or would possibly trade for a good Willys truck w/title. Mostly testing the waters for what is out there as far as Willys trucks go, but would possibly sell for the right price.”


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1963 FC-170 Omaha, NE **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $1800.

(02/25/2014) Engine is locked.

“I hate to part with this jeep but due to unforeseen circumstances I am letting it go. This long box (9 feet) 3 ton, Jeep is very restore able. Engine is a straight 6 hurricane Flathead, locked but complete. FC170 four wheel drive with title.”




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1957 FC-150 Denver, CO **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was listed at $1100. Ran when parked.

“For Sale: 1957 Willy FC-170 pickup.
It’s in need of a full restoration. It ran and drove when we parked it at its last storage spot.
The body is complete as is all the drivetrain.
It has a plow installed as well.
I have a clear title for it.”

1957-fc150-denver-co2 1957-fc150-denver-co3 1957-fc150-denver-co4

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1958 & 1960 FC-170s Buhl, ID **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: FC150-FC170-M677

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was ‘Make Offer’

“Hard to find 1958 and 1960 Willys Jeep Cab forward pickups, cab and numerous parts for restoring. Seller is extremely negotiable on price, even better price if you take everything!”

1958-1960-fc170-buhl-id2 1958-1960-fc170-buhl-id1