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Bob’s Photo of the Valstrey Willys Dealership

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Bob bought this photo at an antique store a couple days ago. Visible in it are trailers, a wagon, and a couple flatties. The sign appears to read  “145 e. werrick rd, tel. Valley stream 3638”

After some googling, Bob and I determined there was a Valstrey Service Corporation at 145 E. Merrick in Freeport, NY, which is very close the town of Valley Stream, NY. Further research yielded a newspaper ad out of the Brooklyn Eagle (Jan. 22nd 1950, pg 15) showing the Valstrey Service Corp from the address above in a Willys Advertisement (see below).



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A CJ-3A Barn Find with only 6,000 Miles

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A reader shared the following story about stumbling on a barn find somewhere in the Southeast. This is just a reminder that there are still some great finds out there . . .

My son and I went for a drive yesterday. Weather was sunny and warm. We stopped to get gas and decided were to go: a nearby town we hadn’t visited in a while. As we went through town, then turned down a side street that took us to the outskirts of town. The road was lined with old shacks and barns. As we passed by an old church, out of the corner of my eye I spotted two headlights and a slotted grill tucked in a old falling down barn. I immediately hit the brakes, turned around, and stopped to look. There was a older man in the yard.
I asked him if that was an old willys.
He said, “ya a 1953. It has 6,000 miles on it.”
“Can we take a look?”
He said, “sure!”
The old man explained to us he had traded a tractor back in 55 for it. He drove it for a year and parked it. It’s been there ever since. It was the most Original willys I have have ever seen. It had about 1 inch of dust on it and fern Boxes in it. After talking with him I asked the ‘Question’.
“Would u like to sell it?”
Real quick he said “No”, then walked away to his house. No goodbye. Nothing. Just walked away and went in his house. Weird. But now I know after all the reading I’ve done what a true barn find looks like. I hope it doesn’t sit there and rot. There was no rust on it. It was stuck in time. All original seats,bows, spare tire, tires, back seat, wipers,foot steps, mirrors, every thing.
So, I decided to stop from time to time and check on it. Maybe he’ll give in, eventually.

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Bantam Jeep Trailer gone to the Birds

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Mark published an article about Pigeon’s Andy’s specially built mobile bird trailer. It’s a good story. Check out Andy, his pigeons, and his cool trailer.


Andy's Bantam Pigeon Trailer

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WO Export Corp Military Vehicle Program Sales Brochure on eBay

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Unfortunately, this is missing five pages, but the book totals 56 pages. I’ve never encountered one of these.

“”Willys-Overland Export Corporation”
‘Military Vehicle Program’
Undated but circa 1960s.
Fully illustrated sales brochure.
56 pages, sadly pages 9-14 have been removed. Otherwise in very good condition.”

View all the information on ebay


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1963 J-300 Gladiator Dually (Rare One-off) Georgetown, CA eBay

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Looking for something else, I ran across this 1963 J-300 dually with an unusual tale.

“This is a special ordered truck, the only Jeep J300 truck ever configured this way. I purchased this truck with 43,000 miles on it from the original owner, a timber faller, who worked up until he died at 87 years old. The original owner approached his local Jeep dealership requesting a one ton dually Thriftside and was told Jeep didn’t build one. When he told them if Jeep didn’t build one for him he would buy a Ford instead the dealership obtained one for him that had the rear fenders widened to fit the dual tires and a wider rear bumper was fabricated. This truck has OEM power steering, a four speed tranny, 230 CI Tornado motor, 2 bbl carb and an alternator was added. An 8000 pound Ramsey PTO winch is included  This truck is registered in the Texas Full size Jeep Association Dually registry check it out here http://www.txfsja.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=354    I reserve the right to end auction early as this vehicle is for sale locally.”

View all the information on ebay

j300-gladiator-dually-rare-georgetown-ca2 j300-gladiator-dually-rare-georgetown-ca

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Miracle of America Museum, Polson, MT

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Dan pointed me to the Miracle of America Museum, mentioning there was an old Ford A vehicle mounted to tracks.  The museum is still run by Gil Mangels, who co-founded the museum in 1981 with his wife, who passed away in 2012.  The museum is located 70 miles due north of Missoula. Looks like a fun place to visit.

After looking through the eclectic collection of items, I figured they might have a jeep or two. I found a M-38A1, a possible MB/GPW, and M-151.

Miracle-of-America-Museum-Polson-Mt-jeep1 Miracle-of-America-Museum-Polson-Mt-jeep2 Miracle-of-America-Museum-Polson-Mt-m151

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Justin and His CJ-2A at Kaiser Willys

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Justin wrote a good story about his CJ-2A project and wanted to share it with readers.  Having completed his first CJ-2A, now he wants another.  I can’t blame him.

Read all about it on the Kaiser Willys blog


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1948 Custom CJ-2A Alpena, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was Make Offer

This is different.

“This willys jeep has an all alumium body which will never rust or corrod and since it is made out of alumium it is a lite ride. The body is on an s-10 sand blasted frame with a 96′ wheelbase. It is 2 wheel drive with a 305ci v-8 in it, it has a 30 over Big cam with a 700 R4 trany behind it. It has 13,500 miles on the engine and tranny, was never used for drag racing. It gets around 20 miles per gallon on the highway.”


1948-flattie-custom-alpena-mi2 1948-flattie-custom-alpena-mi3 1948-flattie-custom-alpena-mi4 1948-flattie-custom-alpena-mi5

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Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Conversion

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Robin just posted pictures from the June 1950 Issue of Home Craft’s “Town & Country” Jeep Conversion.  This was a two issue project.

He posted high resolution versions of this transformation on FLICKR.

Here are some of the images:




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“Phantom Automobiles” Fort Devens, MA, Postcard

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These looks mostly like Ford GPs, but the base of the windshield looks a little low.

View all the information on eBay


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Great Shot of Agri Jeep with PTO Saw on eBay

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This seller has a variety of similar old photos for sale.

“This is an “ORIGINAL PERIOD GLOSSY PHOTO” of a POST WAR AGRI-JEEP CJ-2A PROVIDES POWER FROM PTO FOR BUZZING WOOD, photo date -1945. The condition is very good and measures 8″ x 10″.”

View all the information on eBay


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Pepsi Scrambler Jeep Go Kart on eBay

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This is a repainted Pepsi Scrambler Jeep Go Kart. Several of these are shown at the CJ-8 page, including one with the original design.  The Kart should have a windshield.

“For sale is an early 80’s Pepsi Promotional Jeep Go kart. Rare, Runs and drives great. This would be a great project to restore for parades or car shows. The fiberglass has some breaks and cracks in it as you can see in the pictures. It has a 3hp Briggs and Straton motor. The last picture is of one I found on the internet to show what they looked like when new. This is not a picture of mine. My go kart did not come with a windshield or have any indication of ever having one.”

View all the information on ebay


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1948 Photo of Jeep Display in Florida

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UPDATE: Mark pointed out that the wagon at the far right of the photo looks like a shorty. After several agreements, I did some research and found the ad below.  The ‘wagon’ on the right is actually a ‘Station Sedan’ model while the one on the left is the ‘Station Wagon’ model.  The Station Sedan had the added benefit of being “more maneuverable and easier to park”.  The ad doesn’t make it look short, but the picture below sure does.  I have confirmed the wheelbases were the same (see comments).

The  State Archives of Florida at Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/53295 has this great photo created by Spottswood Studio of the Family of Jeeps.


Here’s a 1949 brochure that discusses the differences between a Station Sedan and a Station Wagon.  Note how the styling on the right matches the styling on the ‘Sedan’ in the top of the ad. I found this for sale at the Jumping Frog site.


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1943 Photo of Half Track Jeep towing Skiers **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

How cool is this photo!

“For sale is a photo of a prototype tracked snow Jeep taken near Prado, Colorado in April, 1943. It was undergoing testing at the time but apparently never made it into the field. It has skis on the front for steering with the steering wheel. (This method is an early version of the rope tow.) The photo is an 8 x 10 in size and is an enlargement of the original 4 x 5 factory photo made about 25 years ago. Seller will call the photo original since it was made from the original negative although it was made later on. Good luck with your bidding”


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1970s Jeepcycle Brochure

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Ever heard of these? I’ve seen jeeps on two wheels, but not with only two wheels.

View all the information on ebay


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Willys MB Belt Buckle From the VMVC in Australia

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Justin spotted this belt buckle for sale by the Victorian Military Vehicle Corps out of Australia.  Here’s what he had to say.

I knew as soon as I received my Jeep Belt buckle, I had to share my experience with the readers of Ewillys. After a quick google search, I found an awesome way to carry my crazy Jeep addiction with me everyday. An MB grill belt buckle!

After digging a little deeper I found an email from the link. I emailed the gentleman and shortly got a response. He (Mitch) said he only has a small quantity left (35) and he was located in Australia. Mitch promptly shipped the buckle and sent an invoice on PayPal. I paid $40 for it shipped to my door and only took a week.

It turns out I did more than just buy a buckle. I am signed up with a great group or “association” of WWII Jeep enthusiasts called WW2 Jeeps NSW. These folks are die hard Jeep fans like us who post a great e-newsletter monthly. The information in the letter is priceless and they have other memorabilia for sale as well. And like I said, Mitch treated the customer service very well!



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MB Model Jeep with Antitank Gun on eBay

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This looks pretty good apart.


View all the information on eBay


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Willys MA Model Box on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

This is a rare box that looks most like a Willys MA, but I don’t think the parts will make a jeep.

“Igot this box in a garage sale and I am not sure if the items inside the box are from that model kit so I am selling more the box that the items (ofcourse I will send all show in pictures) expecting that some one will have use for them but my price is more for the box.

Box is original and old and it shows wear due to time and storage, will be a nice + for any one who collect this king of items. Thanks for looking!”

View all the information on eBay


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Handicraft Army Jeep Model **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Models

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay

The seller notes this has never been opened.



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Flatfender Hot Rod Jeep XXL on eBay

• CATEGORIES: Features

Either XXL or XXXL T-shirts with an old school hot rod flattie on it.

“AMC Jeep freek
Let’s head for the boonies
Vintage 70’s Style T-Shirt”

View all the information on eBay


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Craig’s Pic of the Week: Sahara CJ-3B

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Craig scanned this from a June 1957 issue of Willys News.


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Another Coffee Jeep in Colombia

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Sebastian’s dad, always on alert for jeep stuff in Colombia, emailed this picture while the site was down.  You might remember this coffee jeep from Colombia.

Sebastian added some notes for us:

– The coffee sign, the wrong spelling in English and really no meaning in Spanish (it should be café)
– The top white sign saying “minutos” which means cell phone minutes. You basically pay a fee and you can use their cell phone for a call. Look the lady using the phone for a call.
– Middle white sign which offers “Mazamorra”, a local dish that not everyone dares to try. Not that easy to find these days, and not really recommended if you have an afternoon full of things to do, most likely you will need a long nap after eating that.
– Bottom sing “arroz con leche” which means rice pudding, sweetened to perfection.
It can not be more Colombian than this!


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4 Door Jeepster Commando Project

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Roberto pointed out this four door Commando Project. I don’t think the project is finished, but it is still interesting.


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Crazy Jeep Train & Comic

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Taking pity on Mark’s withdrawals, I spotted this link that I never posted about Fred Kay’s Crazy Railroad.  Lots of jeeps on rails.


Meanwhile, I’m going through and deleting old posts to reduce the site’s overhead while I move it over.

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Feb 1948 Home Craft Magazine Wood Topped Jeep

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I spotted the cover of the February 1948 issue of Home Craft Magazine here.  I’d like to find an issue to more closely examine the article and the plans.  I haven’t found an issue for sale yet.