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The Willys Motor was repurposed for a variety of uses, including Welders, Generators, Mowers, Auxiliary Power, Boats, and more.

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General Supply Willys-Powered Compressor Muskegon, MI $350

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Could be worth a look. Some General Supply/Hesse history.

“This is a Willy’s Go Devil engine. This is an engine that has a conversion kit on it to make it into an air compressor. The engine is stuck, not blown up! The generator is missing also the air tank, air gauge, and fuel tank. I put some trans fluid in all of the cylinders about five months ago. The block is not cracked! It was built between 1945-1955. If you are restoring a Willy’s Jeep and need a engine this would work well for that.
I just don’t have the time to work on it right now, so I would rather re-home it than let it sit and collect dust any longer.”


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Generator Wenatchee, WA $500

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Seller is open to offers.

“Military generator, 10,000 watt. Gas engine is Willy’s industrial.”


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Generator Kingsburg, CA $200

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Bill spotted this one. Engine might have some value.

“old generator ran when stored 20+ years ago engine says willys on the head and looks like the engine I had in my old military jeep. lots of copper and big radiator for scrap. Have forklift on site to load. Bring a battery and gas if you want to try and start it. It shows 1500 hours on the meter. Please call and leave a message if I do not answer I will call you back.”


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Willys-Powered Generator Columbus, OH $500

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Not sure if it works or not.

“Willys Generator
Propane or gas
All the covers
Was going to take motor off and use in pulling tractor, project went to the way side, no time.”


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Navy Generator Norwalk, IA $1200

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Has a WWII engine.

“15KV military generator, around 1941-1945?
3 phase or 120 volt, built by General Electric Navy radar power.
Willys Jeep 4 cylinder engine, started with a battery, made oil pressure.
Low hours, restore it or use the engine in an old Jeep”

generator-navy-ia1 generator-navy-ia2

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Jeep Engine Compressor Hawkeye, IA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $550

Looks in decent shape.

“Kaiser Jeep CJ3A Industrial Engine Driven GS260 Compressor on original Trailer – Neat old GS260 Compressor powered by an Willys Kaiser Jeep industrial engine . Has been parked for 5 years , complete but stuck , condition unknown . Great restore project here , really nice addition to any Jeep collection !”

generator-ia1 generator-ia2

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Generator Engine Yuba, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $300.

Bill spotted this one.

“Military generator with jeep flat head motor on trailer. Not running.”


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Willys Powered Generator Danby, Vt $750

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

No pics provided.

“onan military 10 kw generator on skids [heavy] has willys 4cyl motor. I have never had it running. $750”

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1945 GPW Early APU

• CATEGORIES: Features, GPW (Ford MB), Industrial-Welder-Generator • TAGS: .

Nick spotted this very interesting early APU conversion of a GPW by O.E. Szekely that is for sale at D&L Bensinger.

Nick, who’s become very knowledgeable on the APU jeep, noted that the GPW was “converted to an APU in 1947. To date, this is the only Line Maintenance GPW survivor. This specific model is “B” and the generator outputs 28.5 DC volts for starting jet aircraft. These retrofitted Jeeps served as prototype models to the later 2A/3A’s. Nearly all the equipment is present. The only part I can see is missing from the photos is the wire reel. Notice how the governor system appears to be under the carburetor, and the hood is modified above it.”

Here’s the ad info: “This is a late war GPW. Vehicle hasn’t been run for over 10 years. Body is rusted. Has one rear axle shaft broken. This jeep came from Omsted AFB in Harrisburg, PA which closed in 1969. It was modified in Philadelphia with Flight Line Maintenance Generator Set. In 30 years of jeep collecting, I’ve never seen another jeep with this equipment. GPW still shows yellow paint inside and a radio mike on the shop-made aluminum half cab. The cable reel to aircraft is missing as are some other parts of the kit. This is a great project for someone who wants an air field jeep.”

More photos here:





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General Supply & Hesse Compressor History

• CATEGORIES: Features, Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: Thanks to Brett, I’ve added some photos of a later model General Supply V4 (possibly a Ford V4) at the bottom of the post. 

Rick Webb shared what he knows about the history of General Supply Compressors & Hesse Compressors. His father Paul Webb played a principle role in the compressor’s development. I’ve included pics below to show how much alike they looked.

For reference, this is a General Supply GS-250 Compressor powered by an L-head. More pics here:


Contrast the one above with this one, a Hesse Horney Compressor powered by an L-head. More pics here:


Rick began, After reading information on youtube and the forums it seems as though there are a lot of questions concerning the hesse hornet and the gs-260 air compressors.I don’t claim to have all the answers however I can shed some light on the development of these units.

My father, Paul Web, lost his dad at the young age of 24 and took a job at the General Supply and Leasing Company in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1951 as a delivery driver. A division of the McDowell Tire Company, General Supply sold tire changing equipment.

When he took the job he met a man by the name of Dick Roberts who was an engineer. They soon hired a man with the last name of Simes (pronounced “Sims”) whose first name I do not recall.Simes was from Arkansas and was a self taught mechanic. He could not read or write, so they taught him to sign his name so he could cash his paycheck. He never used a torque wrench; however when his engines were tested his torque specs were spot on. Continue reading

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Generator North Hampton, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $375.

Doesn’t run.

“Does not run. Willy’s jeep motor.”



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Propane Powered Generator Pollock Pines, CA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1500.

Here’s an interesting item. It’s powered by a Hercules engine (according to the seller).

“This is a commercial propane backup generator that was installed in a fire station. It was working when removed. It is approximately 20kw. The best part is the engine is the same engine that was in production Willy’s at the time. It is powered by 1960s Jeep Hercules 6 cylinder flat head. Please call for more info and to take a look.
Cash only and sales will be made in person.’

propane-generator-jeep-engine-sacramento0 propane-generator-jeep-engine-sacramento1 propane-generator-jeep-engine-sacramento2 propane-generator-jeep-engine-sacramento3 propane-generator-jeep-engine-sacramento4

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Hobart Welders

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Two Jeep-powered Hobart Welders for sale.

  1. Southern New Jersey: “hobart welder willys engine ran when parked been a couple of years” $300
  2. Visalia, California: “Hobart Portable Welder with Willys L134 Motor. Motor turns over but is missing the carburetor. Appears to be otherwise complete. Asking $500. I will sell the welder without the motor (you remove) for $250.”
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Year? MB/GPW w/Welder Ventura, CA $5000

This could make a cool restoration .. something different.

“One of a kind old Jeep and welder.”


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Willys Industrial Engine Seligman, AZ **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $1200.

Tom’s got this engine for sale.

“Willy’s Jeep industrial ,complete Engine 4 cyl flat head L134 mb go devil 1941-1945
only 1200 hours on engine, came out of running military generator so its idle hours only
not running on the road
really clean for its age

No starter motor and/or fan blade
as pictured was running good last time it ran bout 1 year ago
has oil and anti freeze in it”


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Hobart DC Welder Alexandria, VA **Status Unknown**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $300.

(02/04/2015) Gas tank leaks, but still may be a good price.

“Hobart DC welder from the 50s powered by an industrial 4 cylinder CJ2A Willys flat head engine . Item has been stored in a garage for around 25 years after being taken out of service due to a leaky gas tank. The cables were scrapped due to the insulation all falling off of them years ago. The engine is stuck from sitting for years but should not have gotten any water in it. I have a key for it that fits the switch and moves between positions. Item being removed from a period transport trailer.”

hobart-welder-alexandria-va1 hobart-welder-alexandria-va2

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Hobart Welders

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Here are a couple Hobart welders with jeep engines on each coast. Both operate.

1. Hobart Welder, Fruitland, Idaho $750.

“Older Hobart Portable welder/generator, 250 amp, 40 volt, 60% duty cycle. Powered by a Willy’s Industrial 4 cylinder motor. Has one 110 outlet on the front panel. It has been started, runs well and will strike an arc and weld. Currently missing the battery and ground clamp, welding cables are weathered.”


2. Hobart Welder, Haverhill, MA $600.

“Hobart “tow-behind” welding machine with bottle racks.
4 cylinder WILLYS flathead runs great. Armature has a shot and only provides a scratch-arc”



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Fire / Willys-powered Unit George, WA $2500

Its an interesting piece.

“For sale is a pull behind Willys Power Unit. It had a fire pump on the back which has been removed and sold. You can buy it and put another pump on the back, or a generator or an air compressor or???  The engine itself is a 4 cylinder Willys. It’s hasn’t ran in years but it DOES turn over. Since the pump has been sold ahead of it, I AM willing to sell just the engine if you’re not interested in the whole thing. $2500 for the whole thing or $2300 for just the engine. You remove AND haul. ”

willys-power-unit-fire-generator1 willys-power-unit-fire-generator2 willys-power-unit-fire-generator3

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Hobart Welder Snohomish, WA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $300.

It runs, but needs some work. May be a good price.

“Hobart Gas Engine Driven welder generator. Will need some work to make run but does run and work. Currently the engine cover is off and the radiator was removed to be replaced. Have new radiator and needs to be reassembled. Gas in tank is likely bad from sitting. With some work you can have a decent running older welder generator. Or use the parts for something else.
The engine is a cool old JEEP Willys industrial motor.
AS is no trades. The welder head alone will fetch $300 worth of scrap copper at the recycle yard, I would just rather see it go to someone who has the time to use it.”


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Industrial Engine Sand Hollow, ID **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Engine, Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $650.

It appears in good condition.



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Air Compressor Pittsfield, MA **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: Was $150. **SOLD**

Seller saved this and hopes a willys lover can use it.

“Up for sale is a willys jeep powered air compressor I saved it from the scrapyard with plans to restore but have no time for it anymore. Would like to see it go to a jeep collector it turns over that’s all I know about it. Looks pretty complete”


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Hesse Hornet Air Compressor **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Features, Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

This is a little confusing. Seller calls this a CJ-6A engine, but the tag reads CJ-3A. It’s a flathead, so the CJ-6A designation seems incorrect.





“For sale is a 1963 Hesse Hornet compressor made by the Hesse Carriage Co. It was designed to sit in the back of a pick-up or on it’s own small trailer. This particular Hesse uses a rare Jeep Kaiser 4cyl CJ-6A engine. It pumps air by having two of the 4 cylinders blocked off to compress while the other two function normally. The engine itself looks good and runs great. It may need a small tune-up from storage but nothing major. It does not come with a battery or gas tank. I tested it by rigging up a temporary tank.
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Onan Generator Leland, IL **SOLD**

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1800.

It runs and generates.

“World War 2 military generator made by Onan. It comes mounted to the trailer and with a vintage wing tank for extra fuel. It is powered by a Willys jeep motor. The generator was bought surplus after the war by the Elgin Amateur Radio Society and they used it for years. The motor runs good with a fresh tune and LOF. The genset is putting out power but the controls on the board need to be cleaned and gone through from sitting. $ 1800, SOLD AS IS”

onan-generator-leland-il1 onan-generator-leland-il

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Willys Firepump Pennsylvania $2500

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

Bill Lehuta has this for sale. You can call him at 215-6969203 for more information.

“I have this WW2 Willys marked firepump with a jeep engine. It is complete and in excellent original condition.”


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Hobart Welder Alexandria, VA $450

• CATEGORIES: Industrial-Welder-Generator

This might be worth a look.

“Hobart DC welder from the 50s powered by a 4 cylinder CJ2A jeep flat head engine and mounted on a 2 wheel trailer that fits Chrysler rims. Item has been stored in a garage for around 25 years after being taken out of service due to a leaky gas tank. The cables were scrapped due to the insulation all falling off of them years ago. The trailer tongue has a single hole in a flat strap cut with a gas torch.
The engine is stuck from sitting for years but should not have gotten any water in it.
I have a key for it that fits the switch and moves between positions.”

hobart-welder-alexandria1 hobart-welder-alexandria2