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1947 CJ-2A/M-38 Milton, KY $9500


Tom spotted this CJ-2A that has been partially M-38-itized. It’s more Korea-erized than WWII-ized.


“1947 WW2 replica , good condition rare PTO winch”

1947-cj2a-m38-milton-ky1 1947-cj2a-m38-milton-ky2 1947-cj2a-m38-milton-ky3 1947-cj2a-m38-milton-ky4

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1952 M-38 Missoula, MT $3500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(02/02/2020) Runs.


“1952 Willy’s M-38 for sale. It has a 3 speed with a high-low transfer case and a flathead 4 engine. I’ve had it for about 3 years and haven’t driven it much. I actually used it to plow snow a few times. It’s in rough shape, but wouldn’t take too much to make it nice. Even when not running for over a year, it fires up right away. The engine needs some tuning, but I think it’d run well with some TLC.”

1952-m38-missoula-mt6 1952-m38-missoula-mt7 1952-m38-missoula-mt8 1952-m38-missoula-mt9



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1952 M-38 Alabaster, AL $5000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(08/08/2020) It’s a project. It appears to have a reproduction tub.


1952-m38-alabaster-al5 1952-m38-alabaster-al6 1952-m38-alabaster-al7 1952-m38-alabaster-al8 1952-m38-alabaster-al9

“Listing for a friend. Not my jeep. M38 running jeep serial number 66857 May 1952. Asking $5000. Contact owner at [hidden information]. Located in Alabaster, Al. I looked at the jeep and it is very solid and practically no rust. After consulting other jeep experts we believe it has a early reproduction M38 tub, but these early tubs did not have the cowl battery box or ax/shovel indents in the tub. Jeep comes with over $600 worth of new parts including a CJ wiring harness, manuals and new windshield glass. Would make a great parade jeep, 12 volt, she thinks the brakes were replaced? I did see new brake hoses. Jeep was in the process of being restored up to about 3 weeks ago.”


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3 M-38s

  1. 1952 M-38 Bremerton, WA $20,000: https://seattle.craigslist.org/kit/cto/d/bremerton-1952-willys-m38-jeep/7189118137.html
  2. 1951 M-38 Sequim, WA $19,500: https://olympic.craigslist.org/cto/d/carlsborg-1951-willys-military-jeep/7178754472.html
  3. 1952 M-38 Sequim, WA $14,500: https://olympic.craigslist.org/cto/d/port-townsend-1952-willys-m38-military/7193393021.html
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1952 M-38 Howell, NJ $12,500


The 50cal replica has been modified into a water gun.


“1952 Willys m38. Runs good. Lots of work done over the years. 2 combat wheels. 2 solid wheels. Body was fiberglased at one time glasses over battery tray and gauge panel. Have new used one to replace but it is a m38 body. Has a mb grill with the flip back headlights. Has a leaky rear. 50cal is a replica turned into a squirt gun. Comes with trailer also.”

1952-m38-howell-nj0 1952-m38-howell-nj1 1952-m38-howell-nj2 1952-m38-howell-nj3

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1952 M-38 Post Falls, ID $17,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $17,500.

(08/08/2020) Looks solid.


“For sale 1952 restored M38 Military Jeep. 24 Volt electrical system. Military signal lights, Military Aluminum top. Engine, transmissions, and differentials rebuilt. Hot water heater. Frame, body and top painted Army green. excellent condition.”

1952-m38-postfalls-id41 1952-m38-postfalls-id42 1952-m38-postfalls-id43 1952-m38-postfalls-id4

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1952 M-38 Bosque Farms, NM **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900.

Not sure how much value is here.

“1952 JEEP, pretty much all there, does not run, motor is stuck, no title,”


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1952 M-38 Pottsville, PA $14,800


Looks solid.


“restored military jeep
excellent condition
complete with doors and side covers
8385 miles.
$ 14,900 OBO”

1952-m38-harrisburg-pa1 1952-m38-harrisburg-pa2 1952-m38-harrisburg-pa3 1952-m38-harrisburg-pa4

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1951 M-38 Defiance, MO $6500


Likely needs some body work, but runs.


“Runs like a top, lights work, new alternator 24v – 6,500 OBO”

1951-m38-defiance-mo1 1951-m38-defiance-mo2

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1952 M-38 NJ $12,500


This is supposed to be an M-38, but the body has been extensively reworked with fiberglass. It is also a mix of parts. The chassis may be a 2A chassis.


“1952 Willys Jeep m38.
Runs good. Lots of fun. Has 2 combat rims and 2 early solid wheels. Has had lots of work done over the years. Clutch trans seals.
Brake components. Mostly used for parades.
Rear axel seal does drip gear oil. The m38 body was fiberglased to look like a cj. But is very solid. The gun is a replica 50cal converted to a squirt gun. Comes with combat trailer. This will be sold so make offer.”

1952-m38-nj-0 1952-m38-nj-1 1952-m38-nj-2 1952-m38-nj-3 1952-m38-nj-4

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1952 M-38 Spokane, WA $9000


The body was repaired and painted, but unclear if the mechanicals has the same review and repair.


“1952 M38 Willys Military Jeep, complete body and mechanical restoration. Military Aluminum top with Hot water heater. Engine, transmissions and starter rebuilt. New glass, tires, carburetor and more. Body disassembled, blasted and painted.”





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1950 M-38 Edgerton, WI $2900


This has some mods for hunting.


“Willy’s M38 never been titled runs and drives good was used as a hunting rig out west minimal rust on the outside of the tub frame and mounts are very solid newer hurricane overhead valve engine new carb if the ad is up it’s available and will not respond to it is available just send me your questions and set up a time to look at it. I will try to do my best to get back to everyone but I have had so many questions and people that just want to talk about old willys with no intent on buying”

1950-m38-edgerton-wi1 1950-m38-edgerton-wi2 1950-m38-edgerton-wi3 1950-m38-edgerton-wi4

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Some Flatties over $10K

  1. 1951 CJ-3A Brookings, OR $17,500: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/540521313265784/
  2. 1951 M-38 Sequim, WA $20,000: https://olympic.craigslist.org/cto/d/carlsborg-1951-willys-jeep/7178754472.html
  3. 1949 CJ-3A Wenatchee, WA $17,000: https://wenatchee.craigslist.org/cto/d/east-wenatchee-1949-willys-jeep-cj3a/7178721199.html
  4. 1945 Willys MB Hammond, OR $14,000: https://portland.craigslist.org/nco/cto/d/hammond-1945-mb-willys-jeep/7180348489.html
  5. 1951 CJ-3A Los Angeles, CA $15,000: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/281730603251410/
  6. 1952 CJ-3A Albuquerque, NM $12,000: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1332967560242220/
  7. 1951 M-38 Gloster, LA $15,000: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/615016982551054/
  8. 1946 CJ-2A Santa Barbara, CA $19,000: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/cto/d/santa-barbara-1946-willys-jeep/7170186448.html
  9. 1951 M-38 Amado, AZ $15,500: https://tucson.craigslist.org/cto/d/amado-1951-m38-korean-war-jeep-and/7176304276.html
  10. Not over $10k, but an odd one … 1944 MB Los Lunas, NM $9500: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/3397516703612545/
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1950 MC-38? Charlotte, NC $6500


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6500.

The seller of this believes this to be one of the six M-38 pilot vehicles, also known as MC-38s: http://www.cj3a.info/sibling/m38/pilot.html …. However, after looking at the jeep, it has been modified to such an extent that even if it was one of the pilot models, there’s very little left of it. That said, I can see nothing that identifies it as an early model: 1) Serial number of MC 10149 is too late (serial number on data plates); 2) No full-floating axles (pilots had the WWII rear axles); 3) No battery box (battery box lid hinges were on the sides of the pilot vehicles); 4) wrong windshield setup  … the list goes on.


1950-m38-charlotte-nc-2 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-3 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-4 1950-m38-charlotte-nc-5

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1951 M-38? Sloansville, NY $1800


UPDATE: Still Available.

(07/26/2020) I wish the pics were clearer. I doubt this is an M-38. This lacks a fuel inlet on the side. The hardtop looks to be a modified Porter & Reed hardtop, but I can’t tell for sure.


“51 military Jeep four wheel drive works runs and drives has a plow that works needs a battery”

1951-m38-sloansville-ny2 1951-m38-sloansville-ny3 1951-m38-sloansville-ny4

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1950 M-38 Sikeston, MO $7500


Mark posted this mostly original M-38 at warjeeps.com. It does have some floor patches.




1950-m38-sikeston-mo3 1950-m38-sikeston-mo2

“The jeep has some rust through in the floor and hat channel on the passenger side. It does have some floor repairs already done.

It Has the following:

24 volts electrical components. All three seats, Pintle, bumperettes, spare tire carrier, jerry can and holder, top bow brackets, first aide box, gas tank (needs cleaning) four m38 wheels, engine lifting bracket, Carter 637s carb, correct vacuum fuel pump, under hood battery box and other original parts.

The engine runs well without any smoke. Running it on a auxiliary fuel tank now.

Most of this work was done some time ago and has set. Due to it setting, some of the seals are starting to fail.

New or rebuilt parts:
Fuel pump,
Front axle (needs the shims checked again)
Brakes (lines, wheel cylinder and master cylinder)
Transfer case
Exhaust (short pipe, long pipe and muffler.
Has matching number title in my name.
Things it will need:
rewired and Tires”

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1952 M-38 Centralia, WA No Price


No pics provided. It’s part of a moving sale that is happening Friday and Saturday.


“1952 M38 Army jeep”


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Some Flatties Over $10K

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Just some higher priced flatties

  1. 1960 DJ-3A Sacramento, CA $27,900: https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/cto/d/sacramento-1960-jeep-willys-brand-new/7173206440.html
  2. 1947 CJ-2A Carmichael, CA $27,500: https://sacramento.craigslist.org/snd/d/carmichael-1947-classic-willys-jeep-one/7175092743.html
  3. 1950 M-38 Paramus, NJ $32,000: https://newjersey.craigslist.org/cto/d/paramus-restored-m38-and-then-some/7163309500.html
  4. 1946 CJ-2A Hope Ranch, CA $19,000: https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/cto/d/santa-barbara-1946-willys-jeep/7169972041.html
  5. 1947 CJ-2A Miami, FL $18,500: https://miami.craigslist.org/mdc/cto/d/miami-jeep-willys-cj-2a/7169483679.html
  6. 1950 M-38 Old Saybrook, CT $17,500: https://newlondon.craigslist.org/cto/d/old-saybrook-1950-m38-willy-for/7163922208.html
  7. 1952 M-38 Harrisburg, PA $15,500: https://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/d/cressona-1952-willys-jeep-overland/7169610972.html
  8. 1951 CJ-3A Crawler Lakeview, OR $13,500: https://medford.craigslist.org/snw/d/lakeview-51-willys-rock-buggy/7171745211.html
  9. 1952 CJ-3A Albuquerque, NM $12,000: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1332967560242220/
  10. 1953 CJ-3B Crawler Placerville, CA $10,000: https://sacramento.craigslist.org/cto/d/roseville-1946-willy-cj2a/7174574419.html
  11. 1947 CJ-2A Walla Walla, WA $10,000: https://kpr.craigslist.org/cto/d/college-place-1947-willies-jeep/7174882937.html
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1952 M-38 w/Trailer Colville, WA $18,500

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $17,500.

(05/27/2020) Looks like a nice combo.


“1952 Korean War Jeep with trailer and second set of tires in beautiful condition. Serious inquiries only.”

1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa01 1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa0 1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa1 1952-m38-trailer-colville-wa2

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1952 M-38 Alexandria, LA No Price


Seller bought this to fix and resale, but doesn’t know what model it is.


“Recently purchased/fixing problems to resale Motor.. turns over ! Transmission. Exterior.  Interior.  Vehical overall seems to be in good condition at this time”

1952-m38-alexandria-la0 1952-m38-alexandria-la1 1952-m38-alexandria-la2 1952-m38-alexandria-la3 1952-m38-alexandria-la4

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1951 M-38 Alamosa, CO $6500


UPDATE: Better pics provided. Almost, but not quite all original.

(04/18/2020) Has a rebuilt engine.


“Runs well, all original. Rebuilt engine has about 3500 miles on it. Clean Colorado Title.”

1951-m38-alamosa-co1 1951-m38-alamosa-co2 1951-m38-alamosa-co3

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1953 CJ-3B, Year? M-38, Generator Manhattan, KS $4500

• CATEGORIES: CJ-3B, Industrial-Welder-Generator, M-38, Parts

Lots of parts, but unclear just how much value is here. Has a Sears Deluxe Hardtop.


1953-cj3b-manhattan-ks0 1953-cj3b-manhattan-ks2 1953-cj3b-manhattan-ks3


“1953 Jeep Cj3b · Suv · Driven 99,999 miles. 1953 Willys cj3b tub with fenders, with windshield with glass, F head 134 motor with starter and gen, trans, radiator, rolling chassis, new leaf springs new fender supports for front a tub support, seats including rear seat

Not sure of year but willys M 38 tub with left fender, L head 134 motor with starter and gen, trans, radiator, 2 windshields one I have glass and rubber, rolling chassis with good brakes excellent under carriage, Continue reading

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1952 M-38 Chesaning, MI $6000


UPDATE: Price dropped to $6000

(10/14/2019) This appears to have a replacement tub (no cowl lid).


“M38 military. Runs, drives and stops.
Buick V6 motor. Power steering. New NDT tires. Nice aluminum radiator.”

1952-m38-chesaning-mi1 1952-m38-chesaning-mi2 1952-m38-chesaning-mi3 1952-m38-chesaning-mi4

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1948? M-38 Connersville, IN Status Unknown


UPDATE: Status Unknown. Was $2500.

This has a patched body and will need work and assembly.

“$2500.00 OBO Needs work”


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Year? M-38 Lancaster, NY $5900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(06/28/2020) Doesn’t run.


“From southern cal. New front springs, proper paper work from D M V solid body no rust motor turns free needs restoration”

year-m38-lancaster-ny1 year-m38-lancaster-ny2 year-m38-lancaster-ny3 year-m38-lancaster-ny4