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Builds — 1943 MB

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Andrew McGraw (and friends) gave new life to a beat up 1943 MB (to the right is an 'after' pic).  The only before and after pics are of the engine compartment, but the differences in those two pics is pretty dramatic.

"The Willys MB project was a feat in that it was completed in about 2 months. Having been in my friend’s family for many years, they were looking to do a restoration/upgrade on it.

It had undergone so many repairs and body modifications over the years. That fact, combined with the cost and relative impracticality of a full authentic restoration led to the decision to rebuild and modify. If I were in charge of the finances, I would have at least upgraded the powertrain/drivetrain to that of a YJ, at the minimum. A fuel injected 5-speed MB would be awesome. However, I wasn’t in charge of the finances or major decisions…." 


One comment on “Builds — 1943 MB

  1. Anonymous

    I really enjoyed it. Gave me the inspiration to keep working on mine and I’m really glad to see the hobby is still around for those of us that can’t spend thousands and thousands of $$.

    J.R. Welsh, Woodland, CA.

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