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Fiberglass Flatfender taken apart, Chicago eBay

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UPDATE:  The seller has reposted this on eBay with more pics.

This looks to be the same fiberglass body as my first jeep.  The seller is correct; this body is light — I used to move the body myself by crouching underneath it and picking it up on my back (my current body is somewhat heavier).  However, I disagree with the seller; this body makes a fine jeeping body.  But, if used for jeeping, tie a cage to the frame and use the cage to help support the body.

“1949 Willys CJ 2 A/B, I have one title with no vin plate, Two Straight solid frames, Light weight single wall fiberglass body tub (not my recommendation for serious off road use, good for a sand buggy), Overhead valve inline 4 cylinder engine (from a 3B or early CJ-5), 2 T 90 transmissions with transfer cases, 2 sets of stock willys axles, one of which has new brake shoes and hardware”


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