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My Build — Power Steering Lines Completed

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As I noted in my previous power steering post, after realizing that ordering through Summit Racing would cost $161 before shipping I thought I'd go down to a local hydraulics place, Andy's Supply, and see what they could do for me.  Since they carried the Earl's products as well, it made comparing prices very easy.  

After explaining what i wanted to do (see rough schematic to the right), I quickly discovered they could save me money in a couple ways.  First, they were willing to cut my supply side line down for nothing so that it would hook to the inside of the cross member.  That saved me  2 90 degree turns, 2 feet of hose (about $50 total).  Second, I only had to order 14" of expensive tubing rather than the minimum 3ft from Summit.  Finally, they saved me money by making sure I had the right parts the first time, so i didn't have to return anything.  While their parts prices were slightly higher than Summit's, because they saved me money in other places, the bill was only $116.

Putting the pieces together was relatively easy.  Below the pieces are laid out (with a piece of metal acting as the cross member).

The first step was to attach the 90 degree and the straight ends to the hose.   I made sure to oil the male part of each side that entered the hose as part of tightening the hose to the ends.  I also taped any surface where I'd be using a wrench to reduce damage to it.  Below are the finished hoses.

Next, I drilled the holes through the cross member and inserted the pieces that would bridge the hoses from the pump to the hoses from the steering unit.  Below are a couple finished pics.


4 Comments on “My Build — Power Steering Lines Completed

  1. Anonymous

    You don’t see that very often….I can’t say I’ve ever seen it…but it looks like a really good idea! Looks real good!


  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, I saw it on Tim Carter’s jeep and told myself I’d do the same thing. Otherwise, you have to cut up the grille, go around and through the fender, or under the cross member. None of those are optimal choices.

  3. kyle sliger

    i bought a willy 1947 truck brought it home got it running the same week supper happy it was setting for 20 years took it for test drive after new brakes only thought was wow i need power steering

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