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How the transfercase shifting works

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There was a question about how the shifting in my transfer case works.  (

The shifting might seem unusual, but it's not.  What's unusual is that I have removed the pins from the shifting tower that slide back and forth between the shift rods.  This allows for more shifting options.  To take advantage of those options, I installed two rather than one stick.   You can see that here in this video I made.

Here's an image the also demonstrates how the shifting works.  Please note if it doesn't make sense:-)


5 Comments on “How the transfercase shifting works

  1. Anonymous

    ok…It makes sense now…So you can run the front axle independantly of the rear? In other words.. you can have the rear in neutral and run the front end only? You have the standard 2.46 ratio of the D18?.. Why have I never heard of this being done with a 20 before… This would be an awesome t-case for my sisters 1975 CJ-5…..


  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Can I run the front axle independantly of the rear? Yes, in fact, while racing one time, my rear fell into neutral. As I rounded a corner, I tried to slide the back end, but since the rear was in neutral, the tires simply rounded the corner, causing my balance to shift. The next thing I knew I was up on two wheels right in front of the grandstand at the grays harbor ORV park. My mom was filming the race and you can hear her scream on the video and a collective gasp from the rest of the crowd. Fortunately, I got it back down on four wheels and raced into the gate which was about 20 feet away. Unfortunately, the video of all my races and my roll over in my pasture is missing.

    Yes, I have the standard ratio of 2.46 of the D18. I don’t remember how I learned of it, but it’s what I did on my last jeep. I think Tim or Steve Carter might have mentioned it because I think I got they key gear, the rear slider from a Bronco transfer case, from them.

    It’s a pretty rare mod. Hard to find much info on the net, which is why I made the video and documented the parts necessary.

  3. Anonymous

    I had heard of the 2.46 mod with the bronco gear but not running the front independent of the rear. The new rage in rock crawling is being able to do “front digs”. I.E- kicking the rear out of gear and locking the rear brakes and swinging the front end around under power while the vehicle remains essentially in the same spot. Nothing I’ve ever seen has mentioned being able to accomplish this with the D20.


  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Well, maybe running the front independent of the rear was my, unknowingly, own innovation (I just wanted to two sticks and thought maybe having a rear neutral might come in handy someday). That part of the TC build was not something I had seen elsewhere.

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