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1958 FC-150 South King County, Wa $1450

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UPDATE: the price dropped to $1450

This FC looks like a great project for someone.

"This is an original FC 150 (Forward Control). This is mostly complete and restorable. Original motor turns over but has very low compression in two cylinders. Includes a Manual and sales brochure. Great little off road/hunting vehicle. Wierd at first to drive because you are sitting on the front wheels. Frame/chasis is the standard 1952 jeep. I started this as a project but am unable to complete. Easy to work on. I have a car trailer and can deliver if you cover the gas. Dewey 253-670-1046 pr" 


13 Comments on “1958 FC-150 South King County, Wa $1450

  1. Anonymous

    I thought Mitch had looked at this FC-150 (he’s got one if I’m not mistaken). He could probably fill you in on it if you’d like.

    – Dave

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry- I didn’t look at this one. The ad has expired. It appears to be a narrow track FC-150. From the one picture it looks decent and almost complete. They do turn up for sale every now and then. They aren’t real popular with the general public so prices don’t tend to be outrageous. I do have two of them sitting in a warehouse just begging to be worked on…I have never driven one other than pulling it around the yard. Hopefully someday one of them will get to that point. Any more questions ask away!


  3. embreechristopher

    well that’s great to hear that prices aren’t hay wire but i’ve looked at several and they’re rusted out badely

  4. embreechristopher

    but i also have talked to this guy he said there’s low compression in two cylinders my told me that the problem maybe cracked valves but this one is pretty far away from me since i live in the portland oregon area. but i’m still looking for one.

  5. embreechristopher

    I don’t know like I said i’m not able to look at it and my dad says jeeps sometimes get low compression and it’s not always the piston rings.

  6. Anonymous

    I have a fairly low mileage F-head sitting in the garage with a cracked exhaust valve….Needs a total rebuild. He may very well be correct in that it has cracked valves…The problem with that is that the F-head exhaust valves are in the block so it’s not just a simple matter of pulling the head for a valve job….The motor has to come out unless you can find someone able to a valve job in the vehicle. At that point you might as well do the whole motor and F-heads aren’t real cheap to rebuild. I hate to say it but the chances of finding a rust free running one for a good price isn’t real good. South King County is only 2 1/2 to 3 hours from Portland…..If it makes you feel better I drove all the way from Seattle to Hollister, CA in a 69 Ford F-250 for one of mine and it has no motor….. Mitch

  7. embreechristopher

    what a coincidence i have a 73 ford f-250 as a daily driver now though i’m looking for a cj5 or cj2a since they’re very common and very cheap.

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah, it’s likely you can get a little more for your money from a CJ5 or CJ2A. I don’t list too many CJ-5s unless I see a great deal. There’s plenty for sale at decent prices.

    – Dave

  9. embreechristopher

    well there’s a cj2a by canby that i’m looking at the owners claim it’s a 52 but if I remember correctly the last year of cj2a was 49′ but they want 2 grand for it

  10. Anonymous

    I was in North Plains (west of Portland) about 2 months ago picking up a 72 F-250 4×4 project.

    This morning my cousin saw an FC-150 wrecker hauling a car on I-5 near Boeing field in Seattle…..


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