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My Build — Creating the Hood

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I've decided to tackle the hood.  Because of the 4.5" extension to the front clip, I've had to decide what to do with the hood.  As I documented in previous posts, I've lengthened the fenders.  Now, instead of trying to lengthen an existing hood, I've decided to create my own fiberglass hood:  Nothing fancy, just a straightforward simple hood.  I'll save a more complex hood for a second form.

Since I had an existing hood that had a good hinge and a good rib, I decided to remove those from the hood and use them on the fiberglass hood.  To do this, I had to drill out the rivets that attached the rib to the hood.  Once drilled out, the rib came right off.  You can see the rib and the hinge below.

The next step was to create a form that I could spread some drywall mud and create a tool that will carve the right bend for the hood. Below is the tool I built.  Below that is the form with the first round of drywall spread into it.  I'll likely need a couple more coats of drywall to complete the form. Then, I'll put two coats of wax atop everything to allow the fiberglass to easily release form the form.  I'll lay the gelcoat on first, wait a few hours, then lay a round of fiberglass.  Then, I'll lay the rib (with the hinge welded to it) onto the fiberglass and add a layer or two to cement it to the hood.  I hope this works!


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