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My Build — Hood version 1

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Over the past week I completed the form for the hood, applying a second coat of drywall mud to smooth the curves.  I had to create the hood because I lengthened the front clip about 4.5 inches.  Following that, I rubbed some turtle wax onto the form as a release agent.  Then, I laid 3 layers of fiberglass & resin.  Finally, I laid the hat channel I pulled from a different hood I had (which will serve two purposes — to hold the curve of the hood and provide support for the hinge).

As you can see below, the turtle wax didn't completely release well, so there will be some sanding.  Also, rather than apply the gelcoat to the surface of the form (which I figured would not release well at all), I have decided to apply it once I finish sand the hood.  Finally, I have done an initial trim on the hood and it fits well, but not perfect.   It will take some additional trimming, patching and sanding to finish this, but it should do fine for a first hood (much better than the first hood on my first jeep).


4 Comments on “My Build — Hood version 1

  1. Anonymous

    Coming right along…..All this glass work you’re doing should make you a pro by the time you’re done…. How about a fiberglass tutorial one of these days….I have a 1977 Honda ATC90 that needs the fender fixed…. I’ll tell ya the story someday…..


  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Not sure the term ‘pro’ is what I’d use quite yet. But, I’m learnin … I still haven’t found a release agent I really like yet.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice job Dave what an undertaking. The problem of release agent might not be the release agent but there might be some porosity in the sheet rock mud. There could be two ways to help eliminate this. Add some Dawn dish washing soap to the mix. Add a one table spoon per 5 gallons until the desired effect of smoothness is reached. (This works well for walls too) Then if you can place the lot under vacuum to draw the air out this will increase the density of the mix. The best thing that will help would be to coat the mold with thin layer of jell coat to seal the mud. Any way nice job Dave on getting an extended hood at a low cost. Now you’re getting creative.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Dawn dish washing soap? Never heard of that trick. I”ll have to try that the next time I do some drywall work. Now, holding the vacuum over the plastic container of mud might take some doing — that thing is heavy! (just kidding 🙂 )

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