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Race Jeep Yelm, Wa $1200


UPDATE:  The price is now $1200

This is a jeep designed for PNW4WDA racing.  This jeep has Formula desert dogs on the rear, but I can’t tell what tires are on the front.  The front shackles are reversed.  The front clip is all one piece (likely fiberglass).  It looks like the body is just a partial metal shell.  This jeep should also have a scattershield bellhousing (a requirement for racing).  This also appears to have chrome tie rods and a chrome front housing cover.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the rear was either locked or welded, perhaps the front as well.  This is actually a pretty good price if you want to get started racing in the PNW.

“Race Jeep. Buick V-6. T-14 Tranny. Spicer 18 44 Rear 27 Front. Needs some work. Runs and drives. $1200.00 OBO. Contact Kris @ (253) 219-2208.”


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