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My Build — More on the hood

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There are several important lessons I learned from web and software development:  1)  Real artists ship, meaning that sometimes you can’t have everything you planned or wanted in a project if you want to get it out the door; and 2) there’s always a 2.0 version.

With those lessons in mind, after several days of fiberglass filler and sanding, fiberglass filler and sanding, I’ve finally got a roughed out shape I can live with.  The reality is, more sanding is necessary to get the slopes on the bump smooth, but I can live with its imperfectness (like anything else is perfect).

I have a little final trimming on the hood edges.  After that, it’s time to pull it all apart, prepare the body for sanding/paint, drill the gauge holes in the dash, fix my brake line, and complete some odds and ends in preparation of permanently putting the body on the frame.  Oh yeah, and clean up the garage — it’s looking pretty messy in the pictures!


2 Comments on “My Build — More on the hood

  1. Brian

    I have to agree on the artisan ship. Having a vision is one thing and reaching it well that’s another at least for me. I think you should be pleased with the result it looks good and is vary functional. However, I am unclear of your use if the mower in your project my mower only gets in the way in the garage and takes up time that could be spent on my build

  2. deilers

    LOL .. well I figured that if I can find a clever way to mount the mower to the jeep, then the kids will gladly move the yard for me 🙂

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