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Builds — Vivek’s CJ-3B

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Vivek purchased a 1967 CJ-3B right hand drive Mahindra at the end of 2004.  According to his early blog notes, the jeep barely started, was missing the front drive line, and generally needed a lot of work.  When he finally did pick it up, on the way back it stalled, requiring the help of some local builders to move it out of the way of a bus.  Fast forward several years later and you can see Vivek and his CJ-3B pictured on the right.

Among Vivek’s challenges was his effort to get the papers.  Not only were the papers absent, but apparently the owner wanted to sell the jeep, but the owner’s son did not.  It took a few weeks before Vivek could get the original papers, insisting the owner drop the price slightly further for all the trouble the owner caused him.  You can read about the purchase here.

Learn more about Vivek’s recent engine rebuild, the jeep club he belongs to, and some recent jeeping pictures. Also, check out Vivek’s friend UBS and his one-of-a-kind jeep collection.

Vivek’s working for the next few months in Milipitas, California.  When he heads back in December, he hopes to take back a lift kit with him.  If anyone has any suggestions, comment below.


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