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My Build — Small wins


Small wins continue to push Gus forward.  This weekend I finished hooking up the transmission lines to the transmission cooler.  It’s a good think I pulled the lines apart and double checked them as one had a crack near the entry to the th350.  A quick stop at Andy’s Supply in Boise and the crack was taken out and the line repaired (Boy, do they give great service!).

My radiator hoses were a challenge.  I stopped in at my local Schucks and wandered back to their radiator hose area.  After seeing that none of their hoses would work, I finally selected two that I could cut, bridge and fit.  After cutting the hoses and bridging both radiator hoses (inlet and outlet) with a metal tube, I finally got a fit I can live with — however, it’s not a solution I’m thrilled about.

This is one of those situations I’m gonna let digest for a few days while I tackle some work projects and deal with replacing the waterpump on my 540i (which over the last month has seen the thermostat go bad [$100], the alternating belt break [$25], and the waterpump go [$150] — each requiring an online purchase and a week wait).


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