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1950 CJ-3A **SOLD**

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This is a fiberglass CJ-3A, with both the tub and front clip fiberglass.  I’d say the body needs to be mounted a little better.  This seller will be selling a variety of jeeps, as he stumbled upon a person who had a field of them.

“I recently stumbled onto a backyard with many, many Willys Jeeps in it. Right in the middle of everything was a fantastic WWII GPW. In order to get it, the owner said I had to buy every Jeep he had. So, look for 3-4 more inexpensive “project Jeeps” from me in the very near future after I kill the hornets, steam clean them, throw away all the trash etc. This is a 1950 Willys CJ3A with a full fiberglass body. I’ve seen many fiberglass tubs etc, but this is the full deal, tub, hood, fenders and even the grill. The only metal is the frame and the windshield frame, both of which are in excellent shape. According to the owner, this rig was running and driving a little over 2 years ago when it was parked but I have no way to verify.”

*SOLD and Living in Idaho*


One comment on “1950 CJ-3A **SOLD**

  1. Jim Boswell

    Jim again, this also was one of mine, 3rd one Ive found here so far, great site, it now lives in Idaho with a really good guy named Shawn.

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