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1953 Austin Champ (British 4×4) Midland, MI **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2000

Brian forwarded this ad to me.  I’ve never knew these existed.  According to Wikipedia, these were built from 1951 – 1956 and were excellent cross country vehicles, apparently surpassing the capabilities of the Land Rover.  However, though the Land Rover could only do 80% of what the Champ could do, the Land Rover cost much less to produce, so the Champ contract was eventually cancelled.  Interestingly, the Champ had a 5 speed synchromesh tranny with reverse adapted to the rear drive line apart from the tranny, so that the Champ could do 5 speeds backwards as well.  Finally, the Champ had no transfercase, instead the driveline went to the rear differential and then there was a takeoff to the front differential (which had a clutch to control 2wd/4wd mode).  These would make a very interesting project.”


3 Comments on “1953 Austin Champ (British 4×4) Midland, MI **SOLD**

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  2. ANDREW Wright

    any one know who, bought it/ where it went/is it being resold? im in canada. i know the austin champ as i was in the british army…i would be interested in rebuilding it.

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