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My Build — Progress: Wiring & Lights

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Over the past couple of days I’ve continued to make progress.  I’ve got the headlights and taillights installed.  The headlights had an unexpected complication:  It turned out the modern 5 1/2″ bulb wouldn’t sit correctly into the 50 year old mount, so I had to encourage a better fit with my grinder.

NOTE:  One set of items I don’t seem to have are front turn signals.  I’d like to find a set of the cone turn signals that I believe were on a mid 60s Willys truck like these.  If you know of any, please let me know where I can find some.

With the lights attached, I started the wiring process.  My main goal is to make it as easy as possible to unattach the body for painting or repair purposes.  So, for example, after installing the taillights I ran a flexible tube along the body using some sheet metal screws so that all the rear lighting stayed attached to body.  Anytime wiring needs to cross from the body to the frame, engine, etc, I’m trying to bridge it with some kind of plug.  So far so good.

As of this morning, the rear lights are wired.  The gauges are almost completely wired within the cowl.  The wiring harness is attached to the middle of the cowl just out of site behind the dashboard.

Next up, attach the brake assembly and get the wiring set up for that, then attach the steering column and figure out the wiring for that (I’ve done some customization to the column wiring, so I might have to cobble the column wiring a bit).  I also have to run a few lines to the ‘control center’, situated between the seats, which will have the start button and kill switch, among other items.  Actually, I still have to determine what that’s going to look like.

Getting closer 🙂


12 Comments on “My Build — Progress: Wiring & Lights

  1. jamesholden

    those willy turn indicaters lok like run of the mill fronts from 40s-mid 70’s avaible in clear or amber, no?

  2. deilers

    I know the lights change slightly over the years, so I’m not sure exactly which years of which models I’m seeking. I’m just looking for something cone shaped, rather than flat, but I haven’t had much luck finding them online.

    – D

  3. jamesholden

    ordered new clear lenses aready had housing and powdercoated. lens were broad range all the way to mid 70. look at 4wd online or catalog if you got. both pictured under replacement lighting. i would go clear, then get the aftermarket colored leds, no draw. lenses are 10 and complete is 30. check it out.

  4. Jeepermc

    What James said…..I got mine from either 4WD hardware or Omix-ADA…. Can get them clear lenses with colored bulbs….If you order the clear set like I did you get a set of housings and clear lenses, plus orange lenses, with 2 clear bulbs and 2 orange bulbs. I was kinda surprised when everything came with it…..

  5. deilers

    Thanks guys … I guess I was searching under ‘turn signals’ rather than ‘parking lamps” ….

  6. Jeepermc

    I thumbed through a few catalogs last night….4WD Hardware has them as well as JC Whitney. I got mine from 4WD Hardware. That is what you were looking for, right?

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