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My Build — Oops, My Alternator Bolt is a Bit Too Long

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Well, the best laid plans… While puzzling through the charging system, I decided I needed to pull off my alternator so I could determine exactly which kind of alternator I had (Delco 10SI 63 Amp — Determine your GM alternator).  As I pulled out the long bottom bolt upon which the alternator pivots, I discovered a problem: There wasn’t enough room to pull out the bolt.  Even after clipping a hole in my electric radiator framework, I still ran directly into the radiator (see the pic to the right).  Fortunately, I discovered can undo the radiator, shift it somewhat, and then can pull out the bolt far enough to let the alternator slip away.  So, at least I have a method, though elegant it isn’t!


3 Comments on “My Build — Oops, My Alternator Bolt is a Bit Too Long

  1. jamesholden

    maybe that’s why the builder thought out that quick release rad support i was showing you on mine. i’ll check the clearances tommorrow

  2. deilers

    Yeah, you might be right. Fortunately, there’s only six bolts I need to remove to shift/remove the radiator. Maybe the quick release with show up on build 2.0 …. 🙂

  3. Philip

    If you replace the bolt with a stud you might be able to leave the stud in and still remove the alternator

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