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My Rebuild — The turn signals

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As I mentioned in another post, I chose to use some left over M-38 lights as my turn signals indicators.  I primarily used these lights because I had them. Also, I didn’t the choice in turn signal indicators I used last time, cheap plastic circular lights from Schucks.

To install them, I ground down the ridges on the lights, drilled holes into the dash, and slid them into it.  I also had to ground the lights, so I took the light holders normall used to hold the lights in place and turned them into grounding washers.

The light below has had the ridges ground and the top painted black.

In the image below, on the left is the normal light installation piece.  On the right is the modified piece.  With the ridges ground, the light slides through the hole.  I can then use a washer and the ground washer below, accompanied by the nute, to hold the light in place.

Below, the lights are installed.  The ends of the light won’t actually flash, instead the light will emenate from around the sides.  That’s the plan anyway 🙂


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