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Shortened Dana 44 with Disc Brakes Buckley, Wa $200

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I like the gearing (4:10s) and disc brakes on this setup.  Make sure to double check the width measurements.  A Dana 30 is about 53″ wide, while the Dana 27 & 25 are 51″ wide.  Here’s a site with a bunch of similar statsHere’s more on shortening a Dana 44.

If I were to make a gearing change, I’d likely shift to 4:10s.  Dad’s was 4:10s and it still rumbled down the freeway with no problems.  The one nice thing about the 3:73s, which I’m running at the moment, is that they are readily available, which proved to be an asset when I discovered my R&P was broken.  I picked up a used set for $15.

“i have here a 50″ or so inch wide backing plate to backing plate disk brake 44 it woill work great for a cj, willys, or a fj land cruiser or anything that is more narrow than a full size truck, im going in a diffrent direction with my project so its up for grabs thanks for looking”


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