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Jeep Thrills visits the Jawadhu Hills

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Siva has updated his blog with a recent trip to the Jawadhu Hills by a few members of the Jeep Thrills jeep club.  One of the more interesting differences between jeeping in the U.S. and jeeping in India may be summed up by Siva,  “Jawadhu hills has around 270 mountain villages, people in these villages needs to walk for 4kms to 20kms to reach the main road.”  So, the terrain may be remote, yet you may still find yourself passing the occasional pedestrian or stopping for lunch at a local village after traveling over difficult terrain.  Thanks for the update Siva!

I tried to locate the Jawadhu Hills, but instead found the Javadhu Hills near Vellore that lie between two rivers, Ponnaiyar and Palar.  Is that the correct location?  Vandavasi, where you had breakfast, is near there.


3 Comments on “Jeep Thrills visits the Jawadhu Hills

  1. Sivakumar


    Thats right, the Jawadhu Hills is near Vellore in Tamilnadu state of India. Jawadhu Hills suppose to be a thickly dense Sandal Wood Forest. The Hamlets in this Hills is too remote where no hotels, motels or restaurants present. We need to carry our own food (some times snacks) to keep our energy going.

    Yes, You are right once in a while we noticed pedestrians coming ahead or crossing the forest roads(offroad???). In fact I gave lift to a man who was going to catch his bus which will stop in the nearest main road (14kms).

    Vandavasi is around 100+ kms from Jawadhu however most of the towns/villages in this area falls on the shore of Palar River.

    If some one asked me to differentiate the Jeeping in India and US, What I look at is the availability of accessories for offroad capable Jeeps in US is very high where we in India got limited resources. However the terrains what we enjoy here is too large.

    Dave Thanks for updating our trip info here. Appreciated.


  2. deilers


    Do you believe there’s a growing market for 4wd accessories there? An investor in one of my companies is of Indian descent and works with businesses both in the U.S. and India (not sure where). Maybe there’s a business opportunity here ….

  3. Sivakumar

    Ofcourse yes… It is evident here because the Indian Automobile segment is suppose to the fastest grown market in the world and awareness and interest in 4×4 sports are increasing day by day.

    We get stuffs like Winches, Hi-lift jack, Spacers and Shocks from US or other far east nations.

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