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My Build — Frame Cage Mockup

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I spent some time this evening cleaning up some older posts that didn’t have working links. While doing this, I’ve discovered that I didn’t have any posts regarding my ‘rough draft’ of the roll cage. I put this together early this year using some PVC. Here are some images from different angles.


3 Comments on “My Build — Frame Cage Mockup

  1. Sivakumar

    It would be better to have the inner side picture where the roll bar legs land near the gas pedals. I would like to see those pictures, how you have done it up. Because some of my project whenever we created the roll bar to land near the front cabin, we had issues in the operations of the jeep.

  2. deilers

    Good idea. I’ll add post in the next couple of days that shows the way it will work. I’ve got the roll cage plates complete, just have to build the cage itself (I’m still working on obtaining the materials and bender for the actual cage).

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