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Attaching The Front of the Roll Cage

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Last week, Siva asked about my strategy for attaching the roll cage to the front area of the jeep. So, I put my mockup cage back into the jeep to demonstrate this.  The two pics below show the PVC tube landing squarely on the 1/4″ thick plate of steel.  There will be four bolts that go through the plate connected to the cage to a plate underneath the body connected to the frame (see drawing at the bottom).  This sandwiches the body between the roll cage plate and the frame plate, keeping everything together.  There will also be one or two triangle plates from the tube to the plate (as demonstrated by the piece show in the pic).  This will help provide some additional lateral strength.

In the yellow circle you can see the part of the frame that the body rests upon and to which the right front side of the cage connects.


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