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Reader Builds — More on Paul’s 1944 MB

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Paul has supplied us with some additional pics and an explanation of the mounting system.  You can view the full article about Paul’s jeep here.

“The first pic with the hood open shows the two Dzus (brand name) (learn how to pronounce Dzus) fasteners which help hold the hood down when inserted into the brackets shown in the 2nd pic.  The brackets are just above the yellow ignition coil and next to the master cylinder.  I also use another fastener (for a total of 4 to hold the hood) on the back side of the flat fenders.  The last image shows another view of the ½” pipe as it is bolted to the top side of the flat fenders. ”


2 Comments on “Reader Builds — More on Paul’s 1944 MB

  1. Rick

    don’t know if you picked up my message on the main, but would love to know what OD your tubing is on your roll cage, and if you could post some pics on the mounting system on the roll, (front and back please) I wouldn’t ask so many questions but we must be soul mates when it comes to clean design and proportions (math as to how something looks) huh !!
    any way you could just email me pics? haven’t looked at the policies here yet.

  2. Anonymous

    Rick, the OD on my cage is 1 7/8″. I can take pictures of anything that you may want to see, and can send them directly to you via e-mail. I will ask Dave for your e-mail on a seperate note. -Paul-

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