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1945 MB Paso Robles, CA **SOLD**

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UPDATE:  **SOLD** Was $1500

“1945 Willys Jeep- It has a 4 cylinder engine which turns over, but it has an electrical problem somewhere so it is not starting. It has a rebuilt starter. It also has a tow bar, a roll bar, and dualmatic locking hubs. Needs brake job. I have the pink slip and it’s registered as a non-op. We have too many projects and need to sell this one.”



10 Comments on “1945 MB Paso Robles, CA **SOLD**

  1. deilers

    I also just noticed there is not a gas filler hole on this jeep. All CJ-2As were produced with a gas inlet. The CJ-2s did not have a gas inlet, at least according to the pics I see.

    I’ve emailed the seller to find out if the hood is stamped with Jeep or Willys or nothing. If it’s JEEP, then it could be a CJ-2 rather than a 2A. Extremely rare.

  2. embreechristopher

    if it’s a cj-2 it certainly is rare from what i’ve read only around 40 were ever made and only around 12 are known to exist. don’t know if this is true or not though.

  3. deilers

    Frederic Coldwell has determined there were 17 pilot CJ-2s and 15 production CJ-2s. There may have been another 8 CJ-2s, but whether they were pilot or production version is less clear. That adds up to the 40 CJ-2s you mentioned above. According to the same author, best as I can tell, he only notes 2 known CJ-2s that exist (1 pilot and 1 preproduction CJ-2) and that one more might exist. Finally, there are several prototypes prior to the CJ-2, a CJ-1, a couple MLWs, and a couple MB agrijeeps.

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    I received an email from the seller indicating the hood has no stamp. That’s interesting in that it means it is not a CJ-2A willys hood. Of course, this could be a hood that’s not original, but if it is original, then it further suggests this is not a standard CJ-2A.

  5. deilers

    hahahaha .. guess I should have mentioned it .. it’s an MB. It’s still a decent price for an MB in california.

    – Dave

  6. Lee Krivacsy

    I personally looked at this MB. It is in fact a MB as I checked the tag on the front frame horn. The tailgate was a home done thing. Let me know if someone needs something clarified as I live local to this willys.

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