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1944 GPW Las Vegas, NV **SOLD**


1944_gpw_lasvegasUPDATE: **SOLD** was $17,000.

“1944 Ford GPW Military Jeep.  Here is an immaculately restored World War II military version of the Ford built GPW, commonly called a Jeep. This vehicle is restored just as it was when new, and is correct in all details of configuration except for upgraded 12 volt electrical circuitry to make it more reliable. This incredible time capsule has two piece combat rims, optional axe and shovel, left and right side restraints, auxiliary 5 gallon Jerry can, aft mounted spare tire and front mounted pintle hook.”


3 Comments on “1944 GPW Las Vegas, NV **SOLD**

  1. Randy Adams

    I’m sorry, but immaculate restorations would include an original Carter carb, not an after market Solex. Original 6 volt electronics are available and are fine for reliability if maintained. I just couldn’t resist on this one. Sorry

  2. Randy Adams

    I would point out in favor of the seller that all the hard work has been done and changing the carb and electronics would be pretty easy, but not inexpensive. Maybe the old stuff comes with it.

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