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1942 Jeepney Sultan, Wa eBay


1942_jeepney_sultanUPDATE:  It’s back …..

While I’ve managed not to finish my treatise on jeepneys — the draft form of which includes what a person needs to do to import a jeepney and the prices of some older ones — I really don’t believe this is a 1942 Jeepney.  Even if there are parts leftover from said 1942 jeep, most of the rest of the jeepney looks more like a later model jeepney (though it is not like the latest models).   Here’s a little more about Jeepneys.  If the seller reads this and wishes to correct me, please contact me.

“1942 jeepney ,vietnam era Philippines taxi,this is a unrestored original,it has a great running willy four cyl flat head motor,warn high low with over drive,this jeepney is in good running driving condition,overall condition is good some of the chrome needs to be replated it has a dent on back corner of roof, paint is in great condition has all original parts,my family purchased it in around 1974 had it sent to Sarao Motors to add lettering to personalize it and then had it shipped to Seattle it has alway been garaged and has been hidden in our barn since 1984. One of only a handful left in the world, most have found their way into museums. The Jeepney were constructed from US military jeep left over from World War II, This jeepney was constructed by a company named Sarao Motors,the sarao motor company lengthened wheel base added roofs,side curtains,fender skirts and more, they also painted them in vibrant colors and covered them with bright chrome ornaments,”

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14 Comments on “1942 Jeepney Sultan, Wa eBay

  1. Anonymous

    Ya you and me both the person that has this is just having his buddies bid it up .you can buy these out of the philipines for about 1,800 and 1,000 to ship this guy is on DRUGS.

  2. deilers

    I’m a bit surprised by this as well. Note the reserve is still not met, which surprises me as well.

    If the seller can prove this was really made from a MB or GPW, then maybe there is some unique value. That said, here’s an example of an early Jeepney from the CJ-3B site that looks nothing like the one above.

    The CJ-3B site quotes Jon Paulsen, “When I was there, 9 years ago, a friend was buying one for his father-in-law, so he could be self-supportive. He said it would cost $20,000 for a used one in decent shape.” However, I suspect the price would assume you could use it as a business. I don’t see that happening here in the US.

    It will be interesting to watch how this auction goes.

    – Dave

  3. Craig B.

    I wouldn’t be too surprized if it hit $14,000. How many of these have you seen in the USA? If they had the history that they claim to have it indeed is rare. I think the 1942 year is wrong, but if I had the money….. Try getting one from the Philippines and get it shipped here. The old ones are not a dime o’ dozen.

  4. Anonymous


  5. Craig B.

    Just did a search in all 3 cities in the Phillipines under Sarao the company that made the early Willys Jeepney’s and under Jeepney. Came up with one hit and it was a modern van version of a Jeepney. I bet you will have a hard time finding a collectable 60+ year old Sarao Jeepney and then get it to the god old USA. BTW I have nothing to do with this ebay listing, just a Willys collector that has been following the early Willys Jeepney’s for sometime. Here a link to a Jeepney that is from the 3B page that looks close.
    It is in a classic vehicle museum in Brussels, Belgium,

  6. Craig B.

    $15,100 with 3 days to go! Boy, does this look like a money making opportunity for all you guys out there that know where all those $1500 Jeepney’s are. Import a bunch and make a killing on Ebay! It ain’t over yet!

    Craig B.

  7. Anonymous

    Dave ,Type this is a phillipines site some what like craigs list. search for jeepeny or owner jeep. there are alot for sale. And remember two cents of usa money is one of there dollers. So you can buy them cheap and they cost about $1000. to ship. There are also alot of vintage WW11 jeeps over there for sale.

  8. Craig B.

    Yea, it kind of looks that way. They are still extremely rare and one day I will own one. I found a restored one in Las Vegas for $20k that looked real nice.


  9. David Eilers

    Hi Godfrey,

    If you’d like to email me some pics and more info to me I will post it on eWillys for sale. You can contact me at

    – Dave

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