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1946 CJ-2A San Diego, Ca $750


1946_cj2a_sandiego3This ad made me laugh, because the seller claims this “body has not rust”.  Now, the hat channels may in fact be in great condition and maybe it’s just my eyes, but isn’t there rust on this body?

“Great project or parts Jeep.No engine,trans or hood.One of the nicest body tubs I have ever seen.This body has no rust out,even the hat channels are solid.It’s a rolling chassis on 16″ wheels.Put your drivetrain in it or use the body on your Willys.No sense spending alot of time and money fixing up a rusty Jeep when you can get a rust free one.$750.858-705-1878”


4 Comments on “1946 CJ-2A San Diego, Ca $750

  1. Robert

    Ha, this thing has been listed several times! Here in Wisconsin this might pass as rust-free! Looks like lots of surface rust, but that’s from 30 feet away. Wonder what the underbody looks like?


  2. Rick

    I took a look at it and it is very solid.It does have surface rust but is one of the better 2a’s out there for the price.Had it been a little more complete it would be in my garage.It had a different steering column and looked as if a different engine had been in it at some point.

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