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1963 DJ-3A Gala Surrey Houston, Tx eBay

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1963_dj3a_surrey_houstonThere are a TON of great pictures of this Surrey.  I don’t think I’ve seen this Surrey listed previously, but I might have missed it;  it looks like no expense was spared in it’s restoration.

“Purchaced by Wayne Davis because his wife liked the way it looked, this Gala-Surrey was purchaced at a small Jeep dealer in Cleveland, Texas, a full restoration began with an unlimited budget. The car was brought back to its original color scheme of pink and white as no detail was overlooked. The end result revealed a car ready for any show.  Contact Jose at 281 497 1000 with questions about this Jeep”

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3 Comments on “1963 DJ-3A Gala Surrey Houston, Tx eBay

  1. Bill Reed

    My only concern is that w/o a limit spent on resto, why wasnt resto more original? Nice looking jeep, but when they state that “no expense was spared in it’s restoration.” then why not do correct restoration?? straps wrong, top wrong, seats wrong. I am not stating this to bash this nice jeep. I just dont think it is fair to say “no expense was spared in it’s restoration.” and then restore the jeep into a NON original state & w/non original items. HMM.

  2. deilers

    Hi Bill,

    Those are perfectly reasonable points (and I’m in agreement with you — it doesn’t make sense, unless the ‘restorer’ simply didn’t know what they were doing). I have no in person experience with DJs and am definitely no an expert in the details, so I am sure I overlooked the specifics you highlight. I will keep them in mind as new Surreys hit the market. Thanks!

    – Dave

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