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Reader’s Builds — Jim’s Barn

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A reader named Jim has been working with jeeps for quite a while, rebuilding roughly 70 jeeps over the years. He started rebuilding jeeps by adding v8s, lifting them, and hot rodding them a bit.  Over the years, he did something unusual, he paid attention to what customers seemed to want.  The result, as you will see, is that he has taken a variety of jeeps, provided a military theme, and accessorized them well without investing large amounts of time or money.  He said he found that people seem to really respond to the military theme.  In addition, he wrote to me, “I cant stand to see an old ranch jeep neglected in some field or some backyard; I have to make it run, make it fun, and bring it back to life again.”  He’s found a great niche, has fun, and gets to collect some jeeps.  We should all be as fortunate 🙂

Here’s got 9 willys, an m-38, m-38a1, aussie land cruiser troop carrier and plenty of extra parts.  Here’s a shot of his barn.  I’ll be provided some glimpses of his projects over the next few days (I’ve run out of time tonight).  Thanks Jim!



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