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Builds — Jim’s Mighty Mites

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Here’s some pictures of Jim’s two Mighty Mites.  He notes that they are a horror to work on.  In two years, I’ve only seen two or three of these for sale on craigslist.  They appear very hard to find.

Here’s the first one:



Here’s the second one:






2 Comments on “Builds — Jim’s Mighty Mites

  1. Mitch

    Very cool little rigs but I would guess they aren’t easy to work on as parts probably aren’t plentiful. Were they kinda fragile as well due to the light weight?

  2. Jim Boswell

    Jim here, not fragile but rare, only like 2700 ever built. Air cooled V4 Wisconsin engine, like a big lawn mower, independent front and rear, inboard drum brakes, were very exotic for the day and big money at $5000 a pop new. Cute as hell though, so small those 6.00X16 NDT tires look big, sounded like a VW bug running down the road.

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