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Builds — Oklahoma Green and One Bad Apple

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I was searching for an image of original CJ-3A gauges when i stumbled upon this article.  Both of these are well modified, good looking road and trail jeeps.  One of the more interesting features of the ‘Oklahoma Green’ Jeep is the number of gauges that are installed.  One Bad Apple certainly has an usual paint job.

Here’s 2 excerpts from an Off Road Adventures Article; each one discuss a little bit about each jeep:

oklahoma_greenOklahoma Green: “… Below the CJ3A Willys’ windshield is a dashboard that would be more than adequate in a J3 Super Cub airplane of the same vintage. The aircraft-like dash sports a full compliment of gauges: fuel, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, vacuum, and air pressure gauges along with a voltmeter, hourmeter, and altimeter by Hobbs. A Lev-O-Gauge rounds out the impressive array. Lights and buzzers backup the critical gages. From the dash, Ken can switch on the fuel pump, fast idle solenoid, headlights, heater, and winch. Indicator lights report the status of 4WD, seat belts, ARB, emergency brake, and air compressor…. ”

one_bad_appleOne Bad Apple: “… The frame was lengthened 6-inches to incorporate a GM 4.3 V6 CMFI 195 hp at 4500 rpm engine with K&N Air Cleaner and Painless Wiring, a GM 700R4 with a manual shift kit, and a Dana 300 transfer case with CV driveshaft. With 4.88 gears, the final crawl ratio is 80:1. The front axle is a Dana 30 with an ARB Air Locker and disk brakes. The rear axle is a Dana 44 with a Detroit Locker. Four-inch lift springs, an off-road track bar, and Rancho 5000 Shocks control 33×12.50 BFG Mud Terrain T/As …..”

Check out the full article here


4 Comments on “Builds — Oklahoma Green and One Bad Apple

  1. Greg

    Love this article. Would like to learn more about Oklahoma Green. Really curious about both Jeeps and insights on the engine installations. I’ve seen references to the GM 4.3 V6 installed in Flat Fenders, and thought it would work, but the Novak website says this engine is too tall without a hood modification. What gives?

  2. deilers

    According to this thread, someone else read the same thing (that novak says the 4.3 liters won’t fit)

    Given that I’ve seen a variety of jeeps that do run these without hood modifications, I know they will fit.

    Here’s a builder who swapped a 3.8l buick for a 4.3liter, having to rework the steering in the process ..

    I’ll post a question to readers later this evening to see if we can get any responses regarding this question. I’ve only dealt with buick v6s.

    – Dave

  3. Greg

    Thanks so much Dave. I am so glad I found your website, I think you guys are sure to be a great help as I assemble parts and plans for my Willys. You mention posting a question to readers, did I miss a forum on your page? Thanks

  4. deilers

    Hi Greg,

    It appears I forgot to ask the question. No, I don’t have a forum. I’ll just create a post and ask readers. Sorry about that!

    – Dave

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