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1944 MB Rancho Cucamonga, Ca $14,250 or eBay

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1944_mb_ranchoUPDATE:  This is on Craigslist again

“Here is what I believe to be a Willys MB Military Jeep.  If you know for sure let me know. The CHP paperwork from the previous owner has it as a Ford GPW, but it has the tube in the front, behind the radiator, so I am not sure.  If you would like to see it please contact me through eBay. It has no VIN, this is the assigned numbder: ca948072.”


4 Comments on “1944 MB Rancho Cucamonga, Ca $14,250 or eBay

  1. Anonymous

    I agree!! Take his phone # and plug it into Google with the word “Rancho” and up pops a bunch of craigslistings and advertisements where he’s selling other stuff. Based on this and his limited knowledge of the vehicle (he “thinks it’s an MB” ?) I’d assume he’s just flipping it for cash or he’s a dealer. What about those vehicles he’ll take in trade (1950s Chevy wagon, Belair, Buicks, 1920’s or 1930’s Ford Model A)- would any of those have seatbelts ? I don’t think he learned his lesson, he needs to check with the wife before he makes a trade, too.

    The “wife doesn’t like it” excuse is BS.


  2. embreechristopher

    Why doesn’t he just put seatbelts in it? I mean you can go to a wrecking yard and get a set for less than 20 dollars. But I like the point the first comment points out.

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