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Builds — Jim’s Modified 1946 CJ-2A

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Just in case you think Jim paints everything green, he does know how to use a few other colors, too :-).  Here’s his modified CJ-2A.  In the post below is his white M-38.

Jim writes, “GM V6 with stock running gear, was very well built, went like stick in the snow, not a drop of rust which always makes me happy”






2 Comments on “Builds — Jim’s Modified 1946 CJ-2A

  1. Brady

    Sir, Hello. Am rebuilding a 47 Cj2a, similar to your 46. Can you tell me the size of the wheels and tire combination you have on your please? Also, which GM V6 is in yours? I am considering swapping in a 1986 4.3 v6. Is there a lift on yours? Do you know who makes the radiator that fits in your engine bay? Who sells the tire/gas can carrier? Any and all information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  2. Jim Boswell

    Hello, these tires were BFG mudterrains 32/11.50/15 on 15X8 wheels, V6 was a 4.3 like from the mid 1980s, Lift was Rancho 2.5 springs with connfer 1 inch lift shackles, radiator appeared to be stock but recored for better cooling, the tire gas can carrier was built by Kayline, I dont think they make them anymore and to be honest, they weren’t that strong of a rack (were meant for no bigger than a 29″ inch tire) but they looked good. Have a great day. Jim

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