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Builds — Jim’s 1949 CJ-3A (Potentially for sale now)


Except for those funky turn signals on the front grille, this is a great looking stock jeep.  Jim’s getting this running again and then will decide whether to sell it to someone who will love it.  Otherwise, he’ll keep it and decide what to do with it.

“I pulled this CJ3A (vin 3J28941) out of a little mining town called Silverton. Its bone stock, 6 volt and appears to have never been touched, never had a roll bar, has a rare dealer installed all aluminum hardtop and doors.  A little update on this rig:  I  rebuilt the carb, flushed the tank, blew the lines, new fuel pump etc and we got it started! Not bad for not being run for 10 years!  Motor sounds excellent, no smoke, oil pressure is 60 psi! Now for a complete brake overhaul and then it will be driven for the first time in more 10 years! Anybody want to buy a rare all aluminum hardtop and doors?”







6 Comments on “Builds — Jim’s 1949 CJ-3A (Potentially for sale now)

  1. Jim Boswell

    I have discovered that this is a very rare insulated Worman aluminum top and doors, called the Worman deluxe Jee-Top.Is extremely well built, Ive never seen one before this before, thought it was a Meyers but research proved me wrong.

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