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The Book: Rare WW2 Jeep Photo Archive 1940 to 1945


I found a link to this fascinating book from the Olive Drab SiteClick on this link so they’ll get credit for the purchase from Amazon and view some of the pages.  There are pics of early jeeps I’ve never seen before and I’ve been spending some time collecting pics for various histories I’m putting together.  I’m adding it to my list of books to purchase.



2 Comments on “The Book: Rare WW2 Jeep Photo Archive 1940 to 1945

  1. Jim Boswell

    Dave, you need to purchase volume three of a book called the All American Wonder. Is jammed with more unreal, rare, strange, interesting, never before seen photos than I ever suspected to exist. Half track jeeps, aqua jeeps, helicopter jeeps, 6 wheel drive jeeps, armored jeeps, glider jeeps, yes, glider jeeps, prototypes, giant tires, skis, tracks, duallys, all military test jeeps stuff, some of the weirdest jeeps combos you have never even imagined yet. You must get it, it make you feel like you just discovered the willys and know nothing.

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