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Builds – Half Tracks, The T-28, T-29 & T-29 E1

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t28_half_trackI’ve never investigated the Half-Tracks and didn’t know much about them.  So, when Brian sent me the link to the website, it was great surprise.  The page is a combination historical overview and successful treasure hunt.  Here’s how the author starts.

“After America had entered the war, one of the most important military bases was the Aleutians in Alaska, since a Japanese attack on the Aleutians. So Alaska became a primary military zone of importance. But with bad weather and a lot of snow, the need for tracked vehicles was important. So the US Army Air Corps got in touch with the Canadian Bombardier Company with the idea to develop a series of tracked vehicles using rubber wheels of large diameter driving a wide, flexible track with metal cross bars. Also the intense aviation activity created enormous difficulties for personnel confronted with a cold climate and bad weather for most part of the year….. ”

You can visit this page to read the entire story.  It’s quite extensive.  The information on how the rebuild was done on the T-28 is equally interesting, including the use of a model A rim.


2 Comments on “Builds – Half Tracks, The T-28, T-29 & T-29 E1

  1. embreechristopher

    This thing is really interesting. I wonder how much work it would take to convert more jeeps to half tracks, because i’ve seen it done on old 8n and 9n Ford tractors.

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