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1962 CJ-3B Mansfield, Tx **SOLD**

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1962_cj3b_mansfieldUPDATE:  This one is back.  Note the reference to the mileage has been left off, though there is a pic of the speedometer.  As Ed and Mitch both excellently point out, the speedometer does not appear to be original, so it’s likely that the mileage is under reported.

The owner has set the starting bid at $8,000.  This jeep comes with a pretty good story posted on the CJ-3B page.  The speedometer on this CJ-3B shows mileage of 7,150 miles.

“This auction is for a 1962 Kaiser Willys Jeep CJ-3B Jeep and trailer.  I spent three years getting this jeep; the story is on the link below.  The thrill of the chase was intense, but I’m selling it to conentrate on my business and my family.   It is a one-of-a-kind vehicle; probably one of the nicest old Willys flat fenders in the country.  It turns heads and makes thumbs go up!”


6 Comments on “1962 CJ-3B Mansfield, Tx **SOLD**

  1. Ed

    7150 miles on a replacement speedo simply does not support the claim of 7150 actual miles. The seller’s assertion that is the correct original speedo is clearly wrong — it is an aftermarket replacement. Sure overall it is still a nice survivor but there are a few other mods and changes to original stock that can be seen by carefully examining the pics.

  2. Mitch

    I don’t doubt that this jeep is a one of a kind low mileage survivor….but I think I agree with Ed… That speedo does not look correct for the jeep….Right style? yes….But I don’t believe they showed KM until after the mid 70’s….leading me to believe that this is not the actual speedo that left the factory in this jeep in 1962….

  3. deilers

    Dang, I hate being wrong … I so wanted to this jeep to only have 7,150 miles. However, I think you both make strong arguments. I don’t have as much experience with the CJ-3B speedometers, so I would not have caught this myself.

    Thanks guys!!

    – Dave

  4. Ed

    The latest eBay listing is still trying to suggest the miles are likely right while the speedo is possibly wrong …. funny, funny, funny. The sad thing is this insistent nonsense about the mileage not only puts a big question mark on the Jeep but especially on the seller. Do you really want to rely on the representations and statements of someone who’s bending the truth like an investment banker testifying before Congress?

  5. deilers

    Ed, I agree with you. If not explicitly, the seller is implicitly suggesting the vehicle has low mileage, which tarnishes an otherwise nice looking jeep.

    – Dave

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