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Old Willys Image Archive — Brian finds a treasure trove

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Our eWillys Michigan bureau, lead by Brian (and staffed only by Brian), uncovered a treasure trove of images, most I haven’t seen before, of early jeep demonstrations, publicity images and more.

Brian writes, “the source is the Toledo-Lucas County Public Library and, best of all, it is free!!!   Here is the Search link  To Link to the library image collection explanation, go here  I think one of the best sets are the Farm Jeep trials in New Hudson Michigan..Wow”

Here is some of the searches he has done: (Willys jeeps) (willys workers) (Jeep automobiles) (farm Jeep) (Willys factory) (Military).

Here’s some of the images found using the search term “jeep” — note that the term search term jeep doesn’t yield other pictures that I saw while surfing this site this morning.

I’m not sure I’d want to be in the vehicle in the pic below….


6 Comments on “Old Willys Image Archive — Brian finds a treasure trove

  1. Robert

    Interesting reading and photos. Thanks for sharing! I noticed the one jeep in the photo going for a swim full of guys is right-hand-drive. Is this correct or did the photo get processed in reverse somehow? Also, photo of jeeps and hay barn two photos lower shows a jeep in foreground running a belt. It’s got a column shifter and a tailgate, but the grill looks more like a MB than CJ2A…early prototype(?)

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