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Builds — John’s Tent


John bought himself a trailer a few months ago and decided he wanted to turn it into a multipurpose trailer.  The result is a tent that he erect on his trailer in about 5 minutes, something he can use for camping or for storing the jeep.  Here’s what he writes:

I’ve had this thing in my head for over a year. After we got the trailer in Feb, it all came into view. I just had to get my upholstery guy to see the same thing. There was more work to get him to see it than actual work to make it! There is a reflective panel in the top that really cools this thing down. I’m working on a hot water system for a shower & I’ll have a generator also.

Here’s some pics:








3 Comments on “Builds — John’s Tent

  1. John Waddle

    The cover is made out of landial top material. 1/16th” rubber interior, vinyl clad ext. Does’n flop like the wind.

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